I hate running.



At least, I hope we'll be okay.

It's at that point that the lights and everything electric goes dead, and we're dropped into a total blackout. There's some talking in the background that I don't really listen to as I kiss the top of Gabby's head. Better not be Mickey. It really better not be him. He can't be here yet, can he?

The lights flicker back on, and I look around. No one new in the room. I breathe an inward sigh of relief. Religious guy looks annoyed at his computer and others are looking around wondering what's going on.

"You okay?" I mutter to Gabby, ignoring the others as they witter on about the power cut. She nods, and I try to smile. I'm just not in a very smiley mood.

Can you blame me?

I sigh. "We should probably get going. It's almost dark outside, I can move faster and for longer." She nods again and mutters an ‘okay'. I let go of her and turn around, crouching for her to climb onto my back. When she's settled on my back, I walk out of the lobby again. A couple of the passengers turn their heads questioningly, but I guess they figure we're just wandering off like we usually do. Don't think we're gonna be back so quickly, this time.

Still, I live in hope. And I will continue to do so. I hope we'll be back soon, and I hope that we'll get away without even a scratch. I don't really want to kill Mickey - he's a good guy, but he's also out to kill us, and... well. Nuff said, really. I'm not gonna let him hurt either of us, regardless of how good a mate he used to be.

I take her back to a town we've been in recently and find a cash machine. Letting her off my back, I put the card in, hoping it's still working. When I punch in the PIN number, my heart sinks a little as I see there's nothing in the account anymore to be taken out. But... it's a company card with an overdraft. Bet they wish they'd thought of that. Taking out as much cash as I can from there, I pocket it and throw the card in the bin nearby.

As I throw it away, she gives me this questioning look.

"They were tracking my credit card. By the time they get here, we'll be miles away, but I don't wanna use it again and lead them right to us," I explain, putting the cash in my wallet.

"Fair enough, I s'pose," she shrugs and I frown slightly. She's trying not to be scared, isn't she? Trying not to worry me, I guess. I smile at her shakily.

"C'mon, let's get outta here," I mutter, stopping in a crouch for her again. She climbs on and I'm running again.

I hate running.



The End

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