Oh, Crap.


I wound my arms around his waist and lay my head on his chest. "You're gunna be fine." I whispered, so that my voice couldn't crack. They're not going to kill him. I won't let them... God, that sounds so cheesy.

"Yeah, I've managed the last two years..." I lifted my head up, so I could look into his eyes.

"So why are you so scared now?" He was scared. I could see it in his eyes and the way he looked at me, like he was going to lose me.

"I've always been scared. Remember how freaked out I was when I first got on the bus?" Yeah, I remember that pretty clearly... he was all jittery and fidgety. With those bright red eyes. I'd thought he was just weird, or something. It seems so long ago now.

He smiled slightly, and kissed me on the forehead. "I'm just a good actor."

"I don't want you to have to act." Desperation tinged my voice, and I tried to tone it down a bit. He's going to be okay. Why wouldn't he be okay? He's been okay for two whole years. Why should it be different now? Oh, God...

He shrugged a little. "I've been acting since I was seventeen. Kinda a habit. Sorry."

"So, what, we're just gunna leave again? Just like that?"

"Wanna stay here and get shot?" Alex asked with a second shrug. Shot? I gulped nervously.

"No..." I had to wait a moment before I could talk, so my voice didn't go all squeaky with fear. Yeah, I'm scared. I'm effin' petrified. I looked around the lobby at the other bus passengers milling around, and bit my lip. "But we only just got back."

"You can catch up with them if you really want, but I don't know how long we have 'til Mickey gets here." 

I giggled a little. "Does Mickey look like a mouse?" He laughed, too, and said 'no', so I sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm just scared. We should probably go, then..."

Alex kissed me again, making my heart flutter madly. "We'll be fine. I'll take care of you." I really, really hope so.

I hugged him tighter "It's not me you need to be taking care of, Alex." I don't want him running around trying to make me happy when he should just be running as fast and as far as he can to get away from them. Even if that means leaving me.

"Sure it is. They know about you, too." The careful nonchalance in the tone of his voice threw me.


"That email was mostly Joey having a go at me for being stupid enough to turn someone else." There we go. That's the real reason he's so scared.

"Oh." I couldn't get anything else to come out of my mouth. It was like my vocal cords had tightened to much I couldn't move them. They know about me... they know I'm a vampire. They hate vampires. Oh, crap.

"On the bright side, she's given us some warning about them coming over to find us..."

I just nodded, trying to stop my breathing from creeping up to hyperventilation.

I failed.

Alex wrapped his arms around me and in his close embrace I managed to calm myself down a little. I don't want him to die. I don't want to die. I don't want to have to run. I don't want to be chased by trained hunters when I know they've killed so many vampires before!

"I'm scared, Alex." I whispered into his hoodie, feeling the tears brimming in my eyes.

"Me too, but we'll be okay."

The End

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