Shut Up.

I kicked the machine one last time before walking away. Crappy things are rigged anyways. I mean, not that I'm any good at them as it is. I suck at getting the claw over the right thing. But still... I blame the game.

Instead I wandered over to where Alex was sitting next to Beth, plonking down on the chair beside him, scowling.

"Having fun there?" He asked, laughing at my expression.

"Stupid things are rigged." I muttered, relaying my thoughts to him as I crossed my arms over my chest angrily. It's not like the the toys are worth anything, anyway. They should at least give you an honest chance.

He laughed again, "Yet you wasted my money on them anyways." Sure I did. They're moderately fun until they piss you off 'cause you managed to grab something but the damn claw loosens at the last minute. Infuriating.

I grinned up at him suddenly. "Gimme some more?"


I tried to not giggle, whining at him half-heartedly instead. "Aww, c'mon!"

"If you're not gonna win anything, there's no point." Alex said seriously. Of course there's a point! It's not about the winning it's about the... taking part? Psht. Nah, it's definitely about the winning. That's just some lie teachers used to tell us so we didn't feel bad when we lost the race on sports day. Come to think of it, I'd skipped sports days since I was in year four. And most other days, too...

I brought my mind back to the present, and looked at Alex, attempting the whole cutesy puppy-dog-eye thing.

Yeah, I guess my persuasive skills suck.

"No." He said, more firmly this time, sealing his words with a light kiss. Goddammit, that's got to be cheating.

"Meanie." I muttered, but that smile had come back again. Y'know, that one that refuses to go away no matter how much effort I put into the muscles in my face.

He just grinned cheekily at me. "You love me really." He insisted.

I blushed again, my cheeks turning pink at his words. I rolled my eyes in an attempt at nonchalance, still smiling. "Duh..." He just hugged me close and kissed me once more. Mm...

I settled into his side and he put an arm around my shoulders, pulling me closer. We sat in comfortable silence, watching as the other bus passengers busied themselves with arranging rooms to stay in for the night. Beth wandered off at some point, going to stand outside for a smoke.

"Alex...?" I began cautiously.


I hesitated, before chickening out. I didn't want to admit that I'd been trying to read his email, even if I hadn't seen much more than a name. "Never mind."

"What?" I could almost hear him rolling his eyes at me.

I twisted around in his arms so that I could see his expression. I might as well say what I was going to say - he'd get it out of me eventually. He always does. "Who's Joey?"

"Joey? Why'd you ask?" I watched his expression carefully. I thought I saw his eyes narrow slightly, but it might have just been my imagination. I expected him to be mad at me for trying to read his private stuff (even if it was just an involuntary flicker of the eyes...), so maybe my mind was creating that image. I dunno... maybe he was mad at me.

I looked away again, flushing with embarrassment. "Just 'cause I saw it on your email..." I also saw one or two other details, but I'm not gunna tell you that any time soon.

"Oh... I used to work with her." Wait... Joey? That's a guys' name, right?

"Her?" I asked him, sitting up and shrugging his arm off me.

"Don't be fooled by the name." He told me with a careful half-smile.

I smiled back slightly, but I felt that it didn't reach my eyes. "Okay. I was just curious, is all." Again, I stood up and left him, walking back to the crappy arcade games to see if there was a way of winning without needing money... or something.

Just... y'know. Something that stops me thinking of Joey.

Shut up. I'm not Jealous.

The End

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