I watch from the sofa as Gabby tries to comfort Beth until I notice that religious guy and his girlfriend on the computers. I haven't checked my email in like... a year. When they move away from the computers, I go over to one of them and log into my email account, expecting to see loads of spam and crap.

But there's not...

Which is weird. There're only twelve unread emails in my inbox, but only one catches my attention. I read through it and hardly take in the meaning of the words in front of me before Gabby gets bored of trying to cheer Beth up and sits next to me. She tries not to look at the page I'm on and as I see her gaze sliding up to my email, I close the page.

"What?" she asks and I glance at her.

"What what?"

"Hmm, never mind," she mutters, blushing. I'm guessing the blushing is because she doesn't want to admit she was looking in the first place.

"You okay?" I wonder aloud as I log out of my email again.

"Yeah, why?"

"You're blushing," I smile, kissing her on the cheek. She giggles.

"I'm blushing ‘cause you're so sexy," she tells me with a wink before she gets up and walks away. Her reply leaves me kinda stuck to the chair. What happened to shy Gabby? I shake my head and smile slightly, staring back at the screen. The Google logo stares back at me from the middle of the screen and my smile drops as my thoughts turn back to the email.

I don't like that email.

I want to delete it and pretend I never saw it.

I think the fact it was sent only last night made it worse.

With a sigh, I close the browser and abandon the computer, looking around for Gabby. There're a couple of arcade games near the back of the lobby, but she's not playing on them. Instead, she's hitting one of them, trying to make something come out. I roll my eyes and walk over, hand her a couple of dollars and smile.

"Ooh! Money!" she takes it from me and tries the one with the grabber claw thing - I've never known what those things are called. She lowers it over a cheap toy but it doesn't close far enough to grab it. "Crap..." I chuckle and ruffle her hair, leaving her with a few more dollars, and walk over to Beth, who still looks upset.

"Hey," I say quietly, sitting beside her. She looks up at me and then straight back at the floor. I put an arm around her and hug her quietly for a moment. "You alright?" She nods and I let go of her, sitting back. "Don't blame yourself, eh? We all should have made you take breaks more often," I smile and she sniffs, looking up at me, nodding again. I sit there quietly. If she wants to talk then I'll talk with her, but until then... I just watch Gabby. She's determined to get something out of the grabber thing. 


The End

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