Sick of it all.

I sigh inwardly. Don't get me wrong, I hadn't expected Gabby to get over the self harm thing she has going on in like just a couple of days, but I hate that I've got this nagging feeling that if I don't keep watching over her she'll go and do something stupid. I mean, watching over her isn't so bad, but I'm sure she'll get sick of it and I don't wanna end up arguing over it or anything.

We walk down the empty road hand in hand for a few minutes before I pause to put my hoodie back on, tugging the hood as far over my head as I can to block out the sun. I'm back to being boiling hot in about ten seconds, but hey, it's better than burning outright.

"C'mon then, let's go find the bus again," I say, crouching down so she can climb onto my back. She doesn't climb on as such. No, she jumps on. Unprepared for her leaping at me I wobble for a second, before finding my balance again, standing up.

"Do you have a better idea of where we're going yet?" None whatsoever.

"That way!" I laugh, pointing in a random direction. She laughs too. But at me.

"We just came from over there, moron."

"Shh!" I reach up and put a finger over her lips. "I was testing you." I wasn't, but hey, I'm boiling here. Gimme a break. I turn in the opposite direction to the one I pointed and start jogging down the road. Gabby bites on my finger gently, laughing again.

"Sure you were," I can almost hear her rolling her eyes at me.

"I was!" I insist, smiling. After that, I begin to pick up some speed and that combined with the heat kinda makes it hard to talk anymore, so I just run, with Gabby clinging to me until I come to a stop in some shade again. This is stupid. I'm never coming out in the daylight again!

I set Gabby down and lean back against the wall, ignoring the smell of dumpsters in the cool alleyway.

"Are you too hot?" she asks with a frown. I nod and catch my breath.

"Yeah. Christ, I'm never coming out in the day again," I half laugh, closing my eyes as the shade begins to cool me down.

"Stupid vampirism," she smiles and I smile back. That's one way of putting it. I'm hungry, I realise suddenly.

"Yeah. Um, I'm gonna go... I need a drink," I mutter, standing away from the wall.

"Like... a drink drink?" she asks.

"Oh y'know. The kinda drink I hate most," I sigh, wandering away slowly, sticking to the shadows as they slant away at the mouth of the alley.

"Oh. Can I come?" she asks and I grit my teeth, looking up and down the street in front of me. Usually I'd say yes, but I dunno. I'm not really in the mood.

"Sure," I say anyways and shrug.

"Good," she smiles, "just that I... I don't want to be left alone in the middle of nowhere," her voice drops to a quiet mumble "or be away from you..." I don't say anything as she follows me up the alley and I take her hand again, pulling at my hood again before pulling her back out into the sun. We walk around to the back of a shop and I wait silently for someone to come out for a smoke or something. I'm really hungry. I hadn't even realised. Guess the sun is to blame for that one.

When the door opens, the woman doesn't even get a chance to pull her cigarettes out of her pocket. I grab her shirt and force her up against the wall, cracking her head against the bricks. Her eyes droop and she goes limp. I hold her up and take my knife out, cutting her wrist open and lifting it to my mouth.

I drink until there's nothing left to drink and drop her, recoiling a few steps before beginning to run. For f*ck's sake! Why me? Why couldn't someone else have this goddamn curse? I've had enough of it. I'm sick and tired of killing people and this whole vampire thing.

"Alex!" Gabby calls after me, following and trying to keep up. I slow a little, enough for her to keep up, but I don't stop. "Why did you run away!?" she asks as I veer off into the shade of another building on the edge of the town. I stop and slump against the wall, sliding down it til I'm sitting on the floor.

"I'm sick of this!" I yell, realising my knife is still in my hand. I look at it and grimace at the blood still clinging to the blade. Gritting my teeth, I throw it away from me, sending it clattering across the road over a drain grill. It wobbles on the grill but doesn't fall through, and I wish it would. I thump my head back against the wall and growl wordlessly at the sky. Gabby sits beside me and puts a hand on my shoulder gently.

"It's okay, you can't help it," she says and I know she means well, but I shrug her off, closing my eyes for a moment.

"I could've helped it, though. I could've avoided the fight that got me in this whole bloody mess in the first place," I sigh, knowing I'm being ridiculous. It's not been easy adjusting to being the thing I've dedicated my life to killing for the last decade. But it's been two years. You'd have thought I'd be used to it by now.

I guess just killing so ruthlessly like that gets to me a bit. Because it's not like I want to do that - it's just the thirst driving me to it.

"Maybe you could've, but it's in the past now. You've gotta let it go," she tells me and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah, I hadn't thought of that one," I say sarcastically. "Sorry. I'm being stupid, just ignore me."

"Sorry," she whispers and I look at her.

"It's okay," I put my arms around her, linking my hands in the small of her back. she laughs weakly, returning the hug.

"We're really messed up, aren't we?" I nod, laughing feebly too. After a while just sat like that, I feel kinda better and get up, pulling Gabby to her feet with me.

"C'mon," I mutter, crouching for her again. She clambers onto my back and I pick up my knife, wiping the blood off on my hoodie before slipping it back into its sheath, running again.

We cross a couple of towns in silence before I hear a familiar engine roaring somewhere ahead of us. It stops abruptly and I frown slightly, putting more speed into my run. 


The End

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