An... Adventure?

I giggled quietly, "You're so cheesy."

"It's not cheesy. It's honest." I twisted around in his arms so I could see his face, screwed up against the light. "I can't see a bloody thing otherwise."

I frowned at him. "Let's go inside."


"Because you're hurting." I explained, standing up. I grabbed his hand and tried to pull him to his feet, but it doesn't work if he chooses not to cooperate. Damn vampires.

"I'm fine!" Alex objected, laughing. "Good luck picking me up. I'm heavy even to a half vampire."

I tried again, pulling on his hand. "C'mon." I whined. "I don't want you to be in pain!"

"I'm not in pain, though." Alex insisted. "It's just hard to see, that's all."

Sitting back down reluctantly, I looked into his face again. He didn't look like he was in pain... but I'm pretty sure he's good at hiding those things. "You promise?"

"Cross my heart and hope to die." He smiled, tracing a cross over the left side of his chest with the tip of his finger. I murmured a 'good' before leaning in to rest my head on his chest, listening to the steady beat of his heart.  Why shouldn't a vampire have a pulse, anyway? Silly myths. I sighed happily as he wrapped an arm around me, pulling me closer.

"I think we should go back to the bus now." I said quietly, some time later. Sitting in the shade was starting to get cold.

Alex smiled at me as I straightened up, shrugging his arm off my shoulder. "Can we go at my speed this time?"

I couldn't help but smile back. Impatient, much? "Sure. Come on." I stood up and and brushed the grass of the seat of my pants. I was still wearing those ripped jeans from back home, and a light breeze made the exposed skin tingle.

Alex pulled himself to his feet, and I leapt onto his back. "Run, my valiant steed! RUN!" I screamed pointing ahead, before bursting into fits of giggles and having to use both hands to keep myself balanced as he propelled forward, chuckling.

"So," I began when he'd settled into a jog (still faster than a car). "how long d'ya think it'll take to find this thing?"

"No idea..." Alex said over his shoulder uncertainly. "but I guess at this speed it won't take too long... I hope." Well, that sounds reassuring.

I laughed lightly. "How do you even know where it is?"

"...I don't."

Oh. Well, that's definitely a positive thing, isn't it? "Okay." I said slowly, trying to think of something good that could come out of being lost in America or Canada or whatever. We still don't know what country we're in, for God's sake! "So where arewe going?"

"It's an adventure." At least he seems confident, I thought to myself. 

"An... adventure?" I paused, slightly puzzled. "Sure. Okay." I bit my lip anxiously as we passed through the countryside, the sun beating down on our backs.

"Well do you have any better idea of where the bus might be?" 

I paused again, trying to think of some way to find a huge, red, slightly odd bus. Nothing came to mind. "Uhm... no, not really."

We lapsed back into silence, me still frowning, though Alex couldn't see. I don't much like being lost. "I'm getting really hot." Alex complained suddenly.

I snickered childishly. "I know you're hot." I would have attempted a wink had he been able to see me, but since I was on his back and he was (hopefully) focusing on not veering off the road while he ran, I didn't bother. Not that I can wink anyway...

"Very funny." Alex laughed. "What I meant was I really wanna take my hoodie off."

"So take it off." Duh.

He paused again for just a moment, as if slightly bewildered. "One slight problem with that one Gabby. I can't."

"Why...?" I could always get down off his back so he could just shrug it off. I'd even go as far as carrying it for him, if he thought it was too much to handle. Only then did it dawn on me. "OH." God, I'm such an idiot... "Right, yeah. Oops." I blushed fiercely, thankful that he still couldn't see me.

Alex reached up to pat my head, and my face reddened further. Stupid, stupid Gabby.

"If you're hot, we could find, like, a restaurant or something to stop in." I said quickly, trying to change the topic.

"What and show off just how unfit I am? Pfft." There was another short pause. "Okay."

I chuckled. He's not unfit... to me, anyway. Then again, I'm biased. And completely and utterly in love with him (not that that's cheesy or anything). "Come on, then. Next one we see." He nodded and we kept on going, scanning the sides of the roads for buildings which looked even remotely like somewhere to eat.

My stomach grumbled loudly. Wow, I get hungry fast.

The End

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