New clothes for the messy and her pony.

"So, am I being your pony, or am I gonna have to run real slowly for you?" I ask Gabby as I pull on the black hoodie, opening the curtains to try and get used to the light outside before actually having to go out there. It stings my eyes and I squint, feeling my face screw up as I try to reduce the pain of the glare from the light in some way.

"Depends... would you like to be my pony?" she grins at me and I can't help but laugh.

"Maybe," I say.

"Okay then, you can be my pony for half the way and then run super duper slow for the rest."

"Joy," I roll my eyes and grin back at her.

"You know you love it," she says. Hmm. Not so sure about that. I think the right way to put it is ‘I love her enough to be a pony for her'. That one works better. I grunt a ‘hmm' and smile, opening the door for her. She walks out in front of me and I close the door behind us again, motioning for Gabby to be quiet so we can sneak out without being yelled at by the chef guy and various other members of staff that probably want to yell at us.

Putting my hood up, I grab Gabby's hand and walk like normal people for a bit away from so many people before I swing her up on my back and set off into a run into town. I can't be bothered with running slowly, so I don't put her down, only stopping when we reach a shopping centre.

She slides off my back and I take her hand again as we walk inside. It's not so bright in here. I can take my hood down at least.

"So... Where are we going?" Gabby asks. I look around and... well, I haven't got a bloody clue.

"How am I supposed to know? I hate shopping." I laugh, looking for a cash point now. I see one and drag her over to it, telling her she has to choose for me, or I'll end up in a plain shirt and jeans as always.

"What's wrong with a plain t-shirt and jeans?" she asks with a smile and I shrug.

"Nothing, I guess. Just thought you might be bored of seeing me in the same thing all the time," I say and she laughs.

"It's you. I'd never get bored of seeing you, regardless of what you wear." Cute. I pull the cash out of the machine and wander over to a shop that has guy mannequins in the window. It's always promising when there's a mannequin in the window that's the right gender. Means you're in the right place.  Unless you're a cross dresser. I'm not, funnily enough.

I pick out a couple of dark coloured tops and a couple of pairs of jeans and look over at Gabby.

"You should probably get some more spare clothes... you have a habit of getting yours... dirty, to say the least."

"More like completely caked," she laughs and I nod. Yeah, you could be right, there. "Okay, I'll meet you back here... Or something."

"By the tills?" I'm gonna have to pay, after all... well. Boss is paying. Heh.

"Okay." She smiles and pretty much skips away into the girls' clothes and I leave her to it, looking for another dark hoodie. That way, Gabby can have this one back and get as much blood on it as she likes without it showing up, and they can be swapped for washing whenever.

Eventually, I get bored and wander over to the cashiers hovering near the queue, waiting for Gabby.

The End

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