Ah, he's such a tease. 

But I'd be lying if I said it didn't put a smile on my face. Still grinning, I ran a deep bath so I could pass the time while Alex slept. Do you think I'm too old to make beards out of bubble bath?

Pfft, like I care. I can pretend to be Santa any time I like.

After spending way too much time messing around with the bubbles and spiking my hair up to look like devil's horns, I wrapped myself up in a big fluffy hotel towel and pulled the plug in the bath to let the water drain out. Then I realised that all the clothes I had with me in the bathroom were covered in chocolate, with my bag in the main room.

So I flipped open the lock, tip-toed out of the bathroom and over to my bag, trying not to wake Alex up.

Then, right as I was about to shut the bathroom door again, items successfully retrieved and a mild sense of victory putting a smile on my face, I saw Alex open one eye and smile. Cheeky.

I dressed quickly, shoving on a vest top and my spare - ripped - jeans, then added my chocolatey clothing to the growing pile in the sink. I think there's a specific place to put those... Oh well. I'm pretty sure whoever owns the hotel is going to be mad when they hear about the mess in the kitchen, anyway. A pile of clothes isn't going to make much difference.

Walking back into the room, I saw Alex, still asleep with one arm hanging off the bed. I felt the urge to go and kiss him on the forehead, but I resisted. It was best if he caught up on sleep, and I'd probably end up waking him up. 

Nothing left do do but wait, then, I guess. I flipped on the TV again and began watching some mindless show about cops and dogs or something.

"Urgh. Noisy. Turn it off." I heard a groan which told me that Alex had woken up. I laughed, turning the volume up further. He clapped his hands over his ears and hid under the duvet.

Leaving the volume turned up, I crept over to his bed and lifted up a corner of his duvet, peeking in. "Roar." I grinned as he rolled over, hands still over his ears.

"C'mon, sleepyhead. You've been asleep for ages.

"No I haven't." He insisted. "Please turn the TV down. Vampire hearing is a killer first thing." I picked up the remote, turning it off completely.


Alex emerged from under the duvet. "Thank you." And I scowled at him. "What?"

I rolled my eyes, and plonked down on the bed. "Nothing." I muttered, staring at the ceiling.

"Sure, you just glower at me for no reason." Alex said sarcastically.

I didn't look at him. "Go to sleep."

"I'm awake now."

"Yeah, I noticed." Woah, what's up with my mood? I was happy before... 

He came over to me, and wrapped his arms around me, smiling. "Cheer up." Meh. Teenagers. What's up with them, huh? Freaks...

"You should really get a new shirt." I mumbled against his chest, blushing. He smelled good, even though he'd just woken up. Maybe I'm a little biased, though.

"I take it you want me to go shopping, then." He laughed, and I nodded.

Now, how to save this? "Not that you don't, um... look good" I coughed awkwardly, "topless or anything, it's just, y'know... polite. For the people on the bus, I mean." Fail, Gabby. Fail. 

He grinned, seeing through it. "I know. Gimme the black hoodie and we'll go find somewhere I can get some more clothes." 
As I stood up to retrieve the hoodie off the floor, I laughed quietly to myself. I could totally be Alex's fashion advisor.

The End

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