You got chocolate on my only clothes. -_-

I'm all sticky. And I have no clean clothes. Wonderful. It was fun though. And the chef guy freaked when I walked him backwards into a fridge. I wasn't even violent. We finish up the pancakes and because I dunno how to use the washing machine thingy they have here, I just rinse off the plates and leave them on the side.

As we walk back out, I shove some money in the chef guy's hand and he seems to forgive me. He won't like the mess we left behind, but there you go. Tough crap.

"I need a shower," I grumble as we walk back up to our room. "And clean clothes..."

"Hmm... I wonder why," she laughs and I shake my head. I wander over to the bathroom, pulling my shirt off with the intention of crawling straight into the shower. Except I pull it off before I get into the bathroom, forgetting how shy Gabby is. I catch her blushing and looking away. I chuckle quietly to myself, dumping my shirt in the sink with my hoodie resolving to go shopping tomorrow. Closing the door, I strip the rest of my clothes off, saving Gabby the embarrassment of seeing me more than topless.

Mind you, she's gonna have to cope with it now she got chocolate all over my only shirt.

When I get out of the shower, I pull my jeans back on and walk back out, still drying my hair.

"I can't believe you got chocolate on my only top and blood on my hoodie," I laugh, throwing my towel over the back of a chair and lying down on the bed. She tries to avoid looking at me.

She fails.

"Yeah, I'm just messy like that," she smiles and I nod.

"I'm gonna need to borrow my clean hoodie back later. I wanna go into town and get some clean clothes, but I can't go out in the sun without it," I say, shifting into a more comfy position. She shrugs and mutters an "okay". I pretend to gasp. "You mean I'm not going to have to wrestle my own clothes back off you?" she giggles.

"You'd win anyway," she replies through her laughter and I nod, smiling. Yes, yes I would. I shuffle myself under the covers and feel like I'm being eaten by the duvet again.

"I'm gonna catch a few hours of sleep before we go into town," I mutter, my voice kinda muffled by the big poofy pillow.

"Okay." She smiles widely. "Are you gunna put a shirt on or do I get to creep on you while you sleep?" I have to smother a laugh at that. If she wanted to ‘creep on me' she could have done it last night.

"Well I wasn't wearing more than my boxers last night," I laugh. Gabby blushes again.

"Um... Yeah," she mutters, walking into the bathroom awkwardly. I smile and close my eyes, realising I can't be bothered to take my jeans off again.

"Night, Gabby," I say loud enough for her to hear. I'm asleep before I hear her reply.

The End

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