Food Fight.

I looked down at my nose for a second, going cross-eyed in my attempt to see the creamy chocolate sauce on the tip of my nose. Then I fixed him with a - sort of - icy glare. "You did not just get chocolate sauce on my face." 

Yeah, so, I fail at sounding threatening. I giggle too much.

Alex just laughed, and attacked me again, getting more sauce on my face. I tried to stop him by grabbing his arm, but just ended up smearing it across his skin. I was vaguely aware of the chef yelling at us to stop, but I was having too much fun. 

"Hey!" He cried, snatching the bottle from the counter and holding it over my head. I reached up, laughing, and tried to grab it back off him.

C'mon, he's a vampire. Did you honestly expect me to be able to get it off him? 

I screamed as he squirted it down on me, holding my hands above my head to try and limit the damage. It didn't work. I still got it all over my head, down my arms and an absolute face-full.

Oh well.

Reaching forward, I grabbed the front of his shirt with both hands and wiped my face on him, getting his clothes covered in the stuff. Alex used his hands to wipe some of the chocolate off his face and onto me, both of us laughing loudly.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, and someone spun me round to face him. I looked into the bulbous face off the huge chef, red with anger, and I swear I almost crapped out of fear. 

I cowered as he started screaming down at me, spit flying into my face with each unintelligible word.

"Hey!"  Alex shouted defensively, stepping in front of me, "Lay off my girlfriend!"

The short, balding man squared up to Alex, balling his fists at his side. "Get. Out." He seemed to be having trouble reining his temper, the strain in his voice evident. 

I watched as Alex grabbed the guy's wrist, and put the palm of his free hand under the chef's chin to force it up, before walking him backwards up against the fridge. "I'm not done with the pancakes, yet." 

I have to admit, Alex is so much better at threatening voices. He spoke calmly and smiled. Hell, even I was scared.

Apparently, so was the guy , because as soon as Alex let go of him, he huffed, before stalking out of the room, muttering. I stifled a giggle.

"Pfft. Can't even handle the simplest self defence trick. Useless, for someone who has more knives than me." He grinned at me, and picked up another pancake.

"You have chocolate on your shirt." I pointed out, cutting up my own pancake-y chocolate.

"You have chocolate on your face." I went cross-eyed again, before sticking my tongue out and trying to lick it off. Alex laughed and I grinned back at him, before shoving an amount of pancake in my mouth which was, well... too much. 

"This is good." I said through my food.

He smiled at me. "Good." And watched as I gulped it down, then helped myself to another pancake. Yes, still coated from head to foot in chocolate sauce. Yum.

The End

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