Room Service.

I like it, lying here. It's cosy. Gives me time to think, too.

"I wonder if crappy hotels like this have room service..." I muttered, mostly to myself.

"Possibly. You could try." He said, simply. 

I rolled over and picked up the phone, before changing my mind and putting the receiver to his ear. "You do it. I dunno what to do."

Alex laughed, and took it, still lying down. I watched as he reached over me to press a few buttons on the pad. "Hey, do you have room service here?" He asked the person on the other end. I waited patiently as he listened to the receptionist talking, then he said, "Oh good, one sec." And passed the phone over to me.

Okay, so I didn't exactly know what I wanted yet.

"Errm... can I call back?" I muttered, turning red. "I need to decide." Alex tried - and failed - to smother his laughter as I put the phone back down. "What you sniggering at?" I asked him, glaring.

"You." He stated, grinning.

I didn't stop glaring, though. "Meanie."

"You love me really." 

"You know I do." I darted forward to kiss him lightly on the cheek. Ah, I actually love him so much it hurts. It's like... my hearts all squashed or something, but because it's so big. It's too big for my chest to hold; I might explode because of it.

Alex smiled. "I love you too." Boom.

"So... what should I get from room service?" I don't know if he noticed that I was trying not to choke on my happiness, and trying to stop my smile from being quite so huge. 

"I dunno!" Helpful. "I thought you were asking me if they had it because you knew what you wanted."

I laughed lightly. "No, I'm just really hungry." Why am I so hungry? I feel like I could eat a... a lot of food, anyway. "Doesn't mean I know what I want."

"Ask them what food they do, then." Alex recommended.

"You think I can get them to bring a menu?" I kind of just want everything, if I'm honest.

He laughed again, making me smile. His laugh is, like... love. It's perfect. "They'll just tell you over the phone, probably."

"Oh..." I frowned. "I don't like talking to people over the phone much." I have no problem with going up to random people and striking up conversation - or annoying the hell out of them - but speaking on the phone when I can't see body language and stuff is a little different. 

"I used to talk to people on the phone a lot, but I kinda got out of the habit after two years on the road." He sat up and shrugged, pulling his hand through his hair. It was only then that I realised we'd been lying down the whole time. I guess it's just natural, huh? 

"I guess it's time to practice then." I grinned, and handed Alex the phone.

"Why me?" He asked, trying to push the grey, generically hotel-ish phone back into my hand. "Maybe you should practice."

I shook my head. "Nah, I'm fine thanks."

"Lazy." He took the phone from me and reached over again to dial. It was one of those old-type phones, y'know the ones that have the numbers on the stand instead of the hand-held part?

"I know." I laughed.

"Hi, room service please." There was a pause as he waited to be connected. "Yeah, hi." He glanced briefly at me. " My girlfriend was wondering if you could... bring a menu up."

Is it possible to die from happiness? It sure feels like it. I sat there smiling dumbly as he continued. "She can't decide what she wants. Yes... a menu. Please?" He scowled at the phone. "I give big tips. C'mon." There was a short pause, then, "Thank you." And he hung up. "Bastard." He muttered.

I tried to stop smiling, if only for a brief moment, so that I could frown. It was a wasted effort; it just made my face hurt from the over-use of my muscles. "What did he say?"

"He said yes, but only after I bribed him. I don't have any cash. Oops." Alex lay back down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling.

"...You what?"

He thought for a moment, frowning, then sat up again. "Do I have cash?" He pulled out his wallet. "I can't remember..."

"You... didn't bring any money!?" I asked him, shocked.

"I have a credit card." He reminded me. "Technically unlimited funds 'til my boss finds out where I am, but I didn't think to take any cash out." Alex sighed. "I'll be back in aminute. I'll go find a cash machine."

"Don't take too long!" I called after him, and then he was gone. 

The End

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