Random good mood.

At least Gabby seems to be coping without her razor. I hear her flicking through TV channels as I get the blood out of my hoodie. I knew I shouldn't have given her a light grey jacket. And on that note, I take off the black one I'm wearing and throw it at Gabby through the bathroom door.

"Keep that one." I see her grin as it hits her.

"Okay," she says, picking it up and smelling it. Ha, I can see you, Gabby. I glance back at the stained material in my hands and growl at it. As if that would make the blood just get scared and run away or something. It doesn't. Which is a shame.

"I give up!" I curse it briefly and then leave it in the sink of cold water. I stalk back into the main room and sit on the end of the bed in front of Gabby, purposely blocking her view of the TV. I'm annoying, I know.

"You're in the way," Gabby points out with a smile. I laugh and nod.

"Yeah, I know. I thought you might appreciate looking at me rather than the TV," I chuckle. Egotistical much? I wink and then get up, throwing myself down on the other bed, my arms out so I can hug the mattress. I love the bed. The bed is good.

"...Are you okay?" Gabby asks. I lift my head up from the pillow and nod, grinning. She doesn't smile back, instead frowning. "Are you sure?" I push myself up and get up, bending over her. I take her face in my hands and kiss her on the lips, smiling as I pull away.

"Why wouldn't I be fine?" She smiles back dumbly and mutters an "I dunno". Hmm. Interesting. Random good mood. For no apparent reason.

Must be the beds.

"Cheer up chuck," I laugh, sitting back on the other bed again. Only Gabby frowns again.

"Why'd you go sit over there?"

"Because I was in the way when I was sitting over there," I shrug, "and I can spread out over here," I lie down and spread my arms and legs, just to prove my point. I grin at her again.

"Aww, come back," she whines at me. I oblige, getting up from the comfy, comfy bed and sit next to her. She beams at me and wraps her arms around me. I return the hug.

"Hmm. So. I'm in a randomly good mood. I suggest you take advantage of it before I turn back into a grumpy old man," I laugh.

"Hmm, well... I can't think of anything to take advantage of you with." Oh the imagination of the youth today. She looks like she's thinking for a second, and when she opens her mouth to speak, I half expect her to have come up with something. "Did I just what say make sense even?" Typical. She giggles and I can't help but smile.

"I think so. Just about," my smile widens a little and I lay down on the bed, pulling Gabby with me.

The End

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