You fail at keeping clean.

So Gabby drags me round the back of this grimy bar, where we find all these smokers. Don't you love smoking bans? I do. They force smokers outside. We hang around until there's only a couple of people outside - I mean, we don't want people to see us attacking someone and freak out and have the whole bar outside freaking out. Because that would bring a bunch of hunters down on our trail, and believe me, I've had enough of them.

Then when there are only two of them left, we grin and walk forward. I go up to this big guy who's a few inches bigger than me in every direction and stand close enough to make him uncomfortable. I don't have to say anything. He asks me who I am and I look up into his eyes, feeling mine flicker red as his heartbeat races. His face becomes an enticing mask of confusion as I unstrap my knife from my arm.

"Oh, y'know. Just a guy," I say with a smile, holding the eye contact. I hear the guy Gabby went for cry out in pain and though both me and the guy I'm standing with hear it, neither of us look around. I don't look around because I'm busy keeping the eye contact steady, and he doesn't look up because he's busy staring at me.

I've realised recently that I get some kind of sick satisfaction out of captivating them first. They're scared, their heart races, yet all they can do is look at me. My smile becomes crooked as I grab his wrist, moving too quick for him to even see, and dig the knife in, releasing his blood. I bring the wound up to my lips and finally break that eye contact, closing them as I drink. Only then does he begin to freak out, except by that time it's a bit late.

When we're done, we hide the bodies in the shade and scarper. As soon as we're far enough away, I stop and check Gabby over. We can't exactly go into a crowd when one of us is covered in blood and the other doesn't care. I stand her in a street light and slap my forehead as I see the big blobs of blood on my grey hoodie.


"You got blood on my hoodie," I say bluntly, none too impressed with it, either. She looks down at it and groans.

"Aww, shoot. Not again," she whines and I sigh.

"C'mon," I mutter, beginning to walk back in the vague direction of the hotel, "can't exactly expect to get into a crowd of people looking like that." She sighs too and follows me kinda reluctantly. Yeah, you and me both, I wanted to go find a show and relax a bit. As we walk, I notice Gabby licking at the patches of blood on her sleeve. I watch it for a moment and roll my eyes.

Just seeing it is making me hungry. Again. Damn thirst.

"You really gotta learn how to stop making such a mess of yourself when you eat..." I grumble, focusing my gaze on the ground beneath my feet.

"I know. Sorry I fail..." she trails off, dropping her arm back to her side. I look back up at her and take her hand.

"I'll live," I smile. She grins at me as we walk back to the hotel. I feel like we've kinda given up on the bus, now. We haven't been on for ages. "Hmm, so whaddya say? Another night in a real bed, or shall we go catch up with the bus?" I ask after a while.

The End

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