So... I'm still thirsty.

"So can we go to a concert now?" I asked suddenly, trying to make it not so serious. I was beaming, though. Words can not describe my happiness at this moment. I'll never forget.

"Sure. Still didn't decide who we're gonna see though." I considered for a minute, trying to decide. Though, since I had no idea what was going on in the music world right now, I decided to let him call the shots.

"Well... I thought that you could choose." A kind of treat, too. He deserves something, because he made me get rid of that blade. Actually... just thinking about it made me want to find another one. That can't be good.

"Hmm..." Alex's murmur and the ponderous expression on his face made me come back to reality. I tried to wipe all other thoughts from my mind except him. "Well since we dont even know where we are, my suggestion is we run around 'til we find a concert."

I smiled at him. "Let's do that, then. I don't even care who it is, to be honest. I just want to go for the atmosphere, or whatever."

He laughed that laugh (the one that makes my tummy flip), "Okay then, no time like the present, eh?" Alex led the way outside until we were standing on the road, the moon shining down on us.

"So you're gunna be my pony again?" I asked, grinning.

"I guess so, unless you want to run for once." That was actually quite a tempting idea...

"Will you run beside me?" I asked him, hopeful. If he was going to run ahead, then I'd just take my usual seat on his back. I don't much like being left behind.

He smiled at me. "Yeah, sure." So I set off running, smiling widely again.

It wasn't long before I remembered my thirst from earlier. Alex was jogging along beside me, and seemed content to go at my pace tonight; he hadn't rolled his eyes once. But I felt my eyes turn suddenly red, and my mouth began to water.

"Umm... before we go to the concert, can I get something" someone "to eat?" I asked him.

He smiled warmly at me. "Sounds like a good idea."

I kept on running for a little while, thinking about where to go. "Where did you go before? To, um..." God, is there even a suitable word for that? "feed, I mean. I don't want to go to the same place twice."

"Oh... I dunno. I wasnt really looking" Helpful.

"Ah. Okay, then. " I guess I'll just have to hope there's not a load of cops standing round a body. That would not be good. "Are you coming?"

"Yeah, unless you'd rather I didn't." Why would I think that?

I started eyeing up some of the places we passed. I think it was getting busier the further we went, probably getting into a town or something. More and more bars and hotels started popping up at the side of the road. If I didn't decide where to go soon, then we'd have to stop running. "No, you can help me to not make a mess. You know I fail at that..."

"Yeah, I know all too well." He laughed, and I wondered what he was remembering. The time in the car? Or when I first started out?

I grimaced. I suppose it doesn't matter either way; my clothes get covered in blood almost no matter what. "Yeah, let's go."

So I swerved off the road, and headed round the back of a dingy-looking bar, Alex following close behind.

The End

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