I love you, and don't forget it.

"I love you," Gabby murmurs into my chest. Did I hear that right? Love? Do I love her back? Sure I like her. Is it love, though? I smile; even if it's not completely love yet, it certainly has the potential to be. I run a hand through her hair, pushing it back out of her face. It needs dying again, the red is beginning to fade.

"I love you too," I half whisper, still smiling as the words roll out of my mouth, despite the questions rumbling in the back of my mind. She managed to get rid of the razor, too, which I know must have been really hard. But she did it.

"I know," she grins up at me and I laugh quietly, kissing her on the forehead quickly.

"And thank you," I say, sitting back down on the bed with her, "for getting rid of the razor again. It means a lot." It means more than you'll ever guess.

"I did it for you," she blushes but smiles. Y'know I think it might just be love. "What did you do with my first razor, anyways?" Uh oh.

"I flicked it out of your hand," I say again. How many times will I have to say that?

"Yeah, right. You must have done something with it, I looked everywhere for it." she counters.

"How could I have done anything with it without you seeing me find it first?" she looks at me in a way that makes me able to predict almost exactly what the next words out of her mouth are gonna be.

"Okay then, help me find it. You're a vampire, it can't be that difficult." Yep. I was really hoping you wouldn't say that, Gabby, but... you did. I sigh and let go of her, leaning back against the wall.

"You don't need to find it. You let me throw the other one out of the window just now. C'mon, just drop it already," I frown.

"No, I don't want to find it to use it. I mean, what if I randomly come across when you're not there and decide to use it? It's best if we eliminate the possibility." Fair argument, but I really don't want her to kill me. Not that she would, if she loves me, but y'know. I sigh and roll my eyes.

"Okay. Good luck finding it in the sewage system." I mutter. Her eyes widen in shock.

"You flushed it?!" she asks incredulously. I cough awkwardly and nod. "Why?!" her tone doesn't lose its incredulity, but it does gain just a bit of anger. Just a bit.

"Why d'ya think, Gabby?" I ask in a stung tone. So my way of helping wasn't the best, nor was it thought through quite as well as it could have been, but I was still only trying to help her.

"B-but..." she splutters, lost for words. "That was mine!" she protests and I shrug calmly. I really wish we were having this conversation outside so I could be doing something other than just sitting there awkwardly, trying to think of a way to get her to calm down.

"It was just a razor, Gabby," I murmur, "just a razor." She nods to herself and repeats "just a razor" over and over under her breath. I sit forward and slip an arm around her, planting a soft kiss on her cheek. "C'mon. It's not like I did it out of spite. I know how hard this is." I pause and hook a finger under her chin, pulling her face up so she's looking at me, "I love you," I smile, "and don't forget that."

The End

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