Set of twelve

In truth, rock isn't the only music I like. I like metal through to trance and club music. But mostly synth rock and that weird genre that comes between hip hop and rock, like 3OH!3. I only mentioned rock bands ‘cause I figured Gabby might have heard of them.

Apparently not.

I've always loved music, though. I'm useless at any instrument you could throw at me, though I've tried to learn to play the guitar before.

Anyways, we catch up with the bus and manage to get back on without making them pull over. Gabby makes me walk all the way up to our seats with her clinging onto my back still. I think she's turned into a limpet.

"You can get off my back, now," I tell her with a half smile. She slides off making a protesting "aww" noise. The guy with Meggie is looking at me suspiciously, his expression guarded. Either he, being mega Christian and therefore wrong (no offence, it's just a personal opinion, after all), thinks we got up to all sorts of unholy things during the long time we were off the bus, or my eyes have gone red. I'm kinda hungry. I figure it's both and turn away.

I poke Gabby in the small of the back and grin as she jumps, twisting around to face me irritably.

"Pass me my bag, will you?" I ask with a crooked smile. What, you think I haven't noticed the effect my smile has on her? I know. I'm evil.

"Don't poke me," she glares at me, but passes over my bag anyways. I wait a moment and poke her again. Before she can protest, I duck my head down and kiss her swiftly. "I said don't poke me," she mumbles. I'm really tempted to poke her again, but we could be here all day if I do.

"I know. But you love me too much to be angry with me," I smile warmly and shoulder my bag, "ready?"

"Sometimes I wish I could stay angry at you," she tells me with a smile as we walk back down to the doors, "let's go." I grin at Beth, who just opens the doors without question, letting us jump out again.

"Now why would you wish that you could stay angry at me?" I ask as we walk. Sometimes it's nice to just walk.

"Because then I wouldn't be such a pushover," she tells me and I grin.

"You're a very cute pushover, though."

"And you're too cute to stay angry at." She returns my grin and I take her hand, kissing her on the cheek.

"Good," I mutter, "now let's find somewhere to charge up my iPod. You need musical education that goes beyond the charts."

"Oh, c'mon. I don't just like mainstream..." she complains and I arch an eyebrow.

"Go on then. Enlighten me," I challenge, "what else do you like that isn't mainstream?"

"Justin Beiber," she sniggers and I think my heart sank a little just then.

"Please tell me you're joking," I half laugh.

"Don't worry. That kid needs to go through puberty at some point." I nod and smile vaguely before pausing.

"Well, walking ain't gonna get us back to the hotel any time soon. Take my bag," I say, holding it out for her to take.

"Are you going to be my pony again?" I nod and she grins, "Great." She takes the bag and her face drops as she feels the weight of it, "what have you got in this thing?" she asks as I pick her up and shift her into a comfy position on my back.

"Clothes and a couple of other knives. And my iPod... and I did have a phone at some point, but I'm not sure where that went." I told my boss it was a bad idea giving me that stupid phone. I wouldn't use it, and then I lost it. Boss won't be happy, but hey, I don't really care. He ain't gonna be happy about me spending company money on Gabby's clothes and a concert, either, but I don't really care about that, either.

"How many knives do you need?!" she exclaims, clinging onto me as we pick up speed.

"More than one, obviously. I don't wear them all at once unless I'm going off to fight." I shrug gently so I don't dislodge her.

"Huh. That's... comforting," she says in a slightly sarcastic tone. Well hey, at least I can protect her?

"Then you won't want to know about the other... nine, I think I have aside from these." I pause, suddenly realising how much of a knife obsessed maniac that makes me sound. "In my defence, they came as a set of twelve," I mutter, and Gabby can't help but laugh. I know. It is laughable, but y'know.

"Honestly. I have no idea why, but y'know. Can't argue with a good price, eh?" It's true. The twelve of them together were cheaper than two separate. Came with a sharpening block, too.

"Sure, I mean, why buy one lethal knife when you can do twelve times the damage at a low, low price?" She's beginning to sound a little bit hysterical, so I reach up with one hand and pat her on the head. Instead of telling her that those knives have saved my life more times than I care to remember, I figure I should move back to music.

She laughs weakly as I take my hand back and I smile.

"You asked. Anyways, you never told me what non-mainstream music you like. Beiber doesn't count." I tell her with a grin that I know she can't see.

The End

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