I love beds.

I love beds. I might take it with me. It's not like I couldn't carry it, though it might look a bit odd. And could you imagine explaining it to Beth? "Yeah, just figured I'd steal a bed from a hotel. What was I doing in a hotel with a sixteen year old? Nothing. The only thing I enjoyed was the duvet and the mattress." Hmm.

"I don't wanna get up," I complain, stifling a yawn as Gabby snuggles up to me, pretty much on top of me, since a single bed doesn't really allow for two people, being a single bed ‘n' all.

"Don't, then. Just go back to sleep." She tells me with a smile.

"But you're awake too, it would be rude." I mumble, my eyes closing without me asking them to.

"So? I'll go take a shower." I manage to nod and smile a little bit, and even make a sort of noise in agreement before sleep decides to come back.

When I wake up again it's dark and Gabby is just in view, silhouetted by a dim lamp on the little table next to her bed. She pulls on the light grey hoodie I gave her, swamping her figure in it. She doesn't seem to mind that, though, because when she turns a little, I can see her smiling as she tugs back the sleeves so they don't cover her hands.

"You should really get a hoodie that fits," I say, my voice all sleepy and crap. I cough and clear my throat, smiling at her as she turns around to look at me.

"...You did only just wake up, right? You didn't see me getting dressed, did you?" she asks worriedly. Huh, I wish. I always seem to be unconscious for the interesting things.

"I saw you putting my hoodie on, but nothing else." I tell her, hugging the duvet down over me so it came to my chin.

"Good. And I don't want a hoodie that fits, I like yours." Stubborn and shy. It's kinda cute, really.

"Mmm, I don't see why. It's just a hoodie." I smile and roll onto my back. "I want to keep this bed," I mumble, the idea returning.

"It's your hoodie. And I doubt Beth'll let you bring that on the bus," she points out and I nod. I know Beth won't let me take it on the bus, but still...

"I could tie it to the top of the bus," I laugh, imagining trying to get it to stay up there.

"You could. I'm sure we'd get pulled over, but you could try." Pfft. Police aren't a problem.

"I'd have to get it out the hotel, first. I mean, it's not like it would be too heavy, but I think the staff people might have a couple of objections..." I sit up and pull the duvet around me so it covers me - if you think I went to bed wearing jeans and a shirt, you're wrong, I'm afraid. Sleeping in my clothes has always disagreed with me.

I get up with the duvet wrapped around me and Gabby gives me this incredulous look that says she thinks I'm mad.

"...why have you got the duvet wrapped around you?" she asks slowly. I shuffle around to the other side of the bed to pick up my clothes, wondering how to go about picking them up and holding the duvet around me...

"Well, I don't like sleeping with normal clothes on, and I didn't happen to be carrying any pyjamas around with me, so I'm only in my boxers. I didn't want to give you a heart attack now, did I? Since you're so shy," I wink, and figure I can hold the duvet with one hand and pick up my clothes with the other.

"Uh... okay," her eyes widen and I can't help but laugh.

"Guess you're lucky I'm not one to sleep completely naked then, huh?" I grin, bending down and grabbing my jeans and shirt before shuffling off to the shower, closing the door before she can reply.

Ahh, shower. If I thought the bed was good, the shower is even better. Shame I don't have any clean clothes left though. When I finally bring myself to get out of the shower, I dress quickly and drag the duvet back out with me, dumping it back on the bed.

"You shower fast," she comments from her bed. She's sitting back, leaning against the wall watching me as I make the bed. Force of habit.

"It didn't feel quick," I smile and sit in the middle of my bed when I'm done straightening the pillows.

"You were barely ten minutes." Fair enough. Felt a lot longer to me, but there you go. I shrug and just look at her for a moment, enjoying the way the lamp beside her accents the curves of her face.

"Hmm. So what do you want to do tonight?" I ask with a grin.

The End

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