What's wrong with chivalry anyways?

"Don't mind our lack of car; I'm technically a pony now. Two large fries." I tell the woman in the drive-thru booth thing and Gabby is laughing so hard she lets go and falls off my back, still laughing. "Whoops-a-daisy!" I grin and turn, picking her back up. The woman in the booth arches an eyebrow, but turns and shouts at someone to get two large fries.

"Ya want sauce with that?" the woman asks as I wrap an arm around Gabby, holding her close. She still doesn't look too impressed with us, and she's looking between me and Gabby like I'm some kinda freak. Well my eyes aren't red and Gabby's aren't.

Age gap.

Stupid age gap! I hate being stared at.

I just smile at her and hug Gabby just that little bit closer, waiting for the fries.

"Ketchup," Gabby says, "lotsa ketchup." The woman nods and gets a few pots out, dropping them in a paper bag, quickly followed by the chips. Gabby grabs them and sticks her hand in, pulling out one of the portions of chips and the ketchup impatiently.

We find a bench and eat quietly, enjoying the chips too much to want to talk. I finish first, even though I started mine after her and sit in silence looking up at the stars while Gabby finishes eating.

"D'you want some more? I'm stuffed." She asks, dumping the packet thing in the bin.

"No, I'm good, thanks." I smile at her, tearing my eyes away from the sparkling sky.

"Hmm. Okay," she mutters and then looks up at the sky, looking at the stars. They look like little fairy lights or something. "It's not cloudy in Canada or America or wherever we are for once. Pretty stars..." she murmurs with a smile. I wipe the grease off my fingers on my jeans and hug Gabby again, watching her rather than the stars. I kiss her on the cheek and smile with her.

"Wanna stay in a hotel for the day?" I pause and then realise how wrong that sounds. "I haven't slept in a proper bed for ages, and I dunno about you, but I definitely need a shower."

"Umm..." she gulps, though I don't really know why, "sure," she says, her smile faltering a little bit.

"What's up? We don't have to. Just thought it'd be nice to sleep somewhere without getting burnt when the sun comes up, and in an actual bed, rather than a chair." I shrug. I know what you're thinking, ‘liar, you have ulterior motives, don't you!', no, I don't. I want a bed, and I want to sleep in it. I'm not looking for anything else. I'll get a room with two singles to prove it to you - and Gabby - if I have to.

"No, I want to," she smiles again. So I get up, pulling her with me.

"Well, you can choose which hotel from the back of your pony, eh?" I laugh, swinging her up on my back again, setting off at a slow jog.

"Well... How much money have you got?" she asks and I shrug slightly.

"Enough. Just don't pick something like the Ritz, eh?"

"Aw, shoot. There goes my plan." She says sarcastically, "just... I dunno... the premier inn? It's always cosy there."

"Do they even have those here?" I wonder aloud as we wander into the town we had seen from the bus.

"I really don't know..." she mutters. Looks like we're both having a mind blank, then.

"Huh, well either way, we're in a big enough town, there should be a couple of hotels here anyways," I say, smiling again. I'm really looking forward to sleeping in a bed with a mattress and a duvet and - oh my god - pillows. Being a vampire hunter has its downsides, and sleeping rough is definitely one of them. But it makes you appreciate what you took for granted I guess. Pfft. I'd rather have a bed, thanks.

"Does it even matter which hotel we go to? I just want it to be clean, to be honest." Of course it doesn't matter, but...

"Ah, lady's choice m'dear," I grin, even though she can't see it.

"You're such a weirdo, y'know that, right?" If only she knew. I laugh and nod.

"Honestly, you have to be a bit of a nut case to be a vampire and still be a vampire hunter, to be honest." I pause, "What's wrong with showing a bit of chivalry anyways?" I ask. She leans around and kisses me on the cheek, which puts a big old grin on my face.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing," she tells me and I can hear the smile in her voice. A building that looks much the way a hotel should comes into view and I come to a stop.

"That one?" I suppress a yawn and turn my head a little, trying to look at Gabby, before I realise I'm not an owl and vampirism doesn't give me an owl's neck. Shame.

"Umm... sure." She says and I wonder briefly if she thinks I'm taking her to a hotel for reasons that don't involve sleeping at all.

Really. I wish I had the energy.

The End

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