Like there's no tomorrow.

Gabby's much nicer when she's not being a moody kid. Watching her face after I kissed her was funny, though I managed not to laugh. If I normally make her brain fuzzy by just hugging her, then I must have like, ultra-fuzzed her brain when I kissed her.

I smile and shift slightly in my seat, still hugging her. My arse is going numb though. I don't know how people manage to sit still for so long, I honestly don't. I've always had jobs that keep me active, and the vampire hunting to keep me moving.

"How do people do it?" I mutter, shifting again.

"Do what?" Gabby queries and I realise I said that out loud.

"Sit still for so long. My butt is aching," I complain. She laughs gently.

"Let's go for a run. My legs are all stiff," she stretches them out as far as she can as if to prove a point.

"I'd suggest a race, but I know I'd beat you hands down," I tease, pulling her up as I stand.

"I'll still race you. You just have to promise to go easy on me," she smiles as I hold her hand, walking down the bus. You got it, I gave up caring about that age gap. I give her a crooked smile. Go easy on her? Sure, sure...

"Of course."

"Liar," she accuses, laughing.

"Okay, okay, I'll try. Give me a while to burn off my excess energy and I'll go easy on you."

"You can carry me. That'll help burn off the energy." Hardly. I just nod and persuade Beth to let us off. She doesn't bother stopping, just opens the doors and I pick Gabby up, placing her on my back, disappearing out those doors for what must be the millionth time.

Running through the dark feel good, and I hardly notice the weight of Gabby on my back at all, though I do have to hunch a little to stop her pulling me backwards into the floor.

It takes a little while before my arse feels like it's back to normal and I stop feeling claustrophobic from sitting in the same seat for so long. I slow down a little, making the world less of a blur and look for a racing track for us to have a proper race on. I put her down and wander over to the white lines marked out on the field.

"Looks like one of those school race tracks you see in American movies," I grin, looking around.

"I had one of these in my old school. We mostly used the equipment hut for... uh, stuff." She trails off and I turn back to look at her, laughing slightly.


"Yeah. Stuff." Ooh. Interesting. Now I have to know.

"What kinda stuff?" I ask, still grinning.

"You gunna make me tell you? At the weekends we went down there 'cause it was deserted. No adults went there, so we could do... stuff." She edges around the subject. And I'm still interested. I take a step back towards her.

"Seriously. I'll tickle it out of you, and there ain't no one around to stop me," I chuckle evilly, taking another step back towards her.

"Oh, come on! That's mean. Can't you guess, anyways?" I can, but I want to hear it. I'm evil like that.

"I can make an educated guess. But that doesn't stop me wanting to hear it. C'mon. Tell me." I edge forward, my hands reaching forward threateningly.

"If you tickle me, I'll tackle hug you."

"If you tell me, I won't have to tickle you at all. It's not like you can overpower me anyways." I laugh again and flex my fingers teasingly.

"...And if I want you to tickle me?" Then this could be entertaining. Before she can even blink, I dive forward, knocking her to the floor, tickling her like there's no tomorrow.

The End

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