Meggie/The Woman


Meggie's kiss is a as stunning as her singing-which blew me off my feet, by the way. She can be extraordinary when she puts her mind to the task; her song making pictures materialize in my brain, and run like a film. It seems that our music is my own little personal drug, and I feel on a high point when her voice finally comes to an end, after dragging the final note out for what seems like an age to me, but is really barely a few seconds to the rest of the bus. Meg is amazing like that.
She turns to me, and-if possible-my smile widens. Oh what the hey! I grab her wrist and pull her beautiful body closer closer to mine, rearranging our arms into a more comforable position as I realise she is kissing me back, and luckily not pulling away. Inside my heart beats like salsa drum; she loves me too! I kiss her harder, my perfect Meggan. Did I also mention she's amazing?

As the night draws in, Beth dims the lights and puts on some soft, soppy, romantic music. Sitting in my arms, Meggie yawns.

"Go to sleep, you look like you need it," I whisper. Meggie obediently puts her head back on my shoulder and, in minutes, her breathing becomes quiet and even. Feeling stares directed to the back of my head, I look up suddenly. Across the aisle, Alex is watching me, in the same position as I am, wth Gabby lying against his shoulder. We exchange a knowledgeable smile, understanding that we each feel a fire for the girls slumbering gently against us. I look back down at Meg; she means the world to me. Slowly I feel my exhausted eyelids slide shut...


I don't know how long passes when I wake up, but it's dark outside, lit only by a round full moon peeping it's silver head through the clouds. By now gorgoeus Aidan is asleep, his chestnut locks resting against the window pane; his arm still protectively around my shoulder. Looking around at the rest of the bus (alot of which are asleep), I see the new woman staring at me. Her slightly freaky smile encourages me to walk over to her and it is soon apparent that she is reaching into my soul.

"Hello," She says slowly as I approach her.

"Hi! I'm Meggan." I, on the other hand, am a rush of hormones that propel me forward onto super-speed. The woman does not tell me her name,  but simply takes my hand and cups it in her own. Her eyes are fixed on mine-and still boring into my soul.

"You're different," she finally says.

Different? Huh? In what way do you mean, strange woman?

"Oh. You don't  say," I choose, as any of the above wouldn't have been a very Christian thing to say. Still, though, I find a touch of sarcasm sneeks into my statement.

"There's darkness in your past, leaking into your present, and swallowing your future."

This brings me back to Earth with a bump; in fact, it takes all my effort to stop myself fainting.
I look up into the lady's eyes, though struggle to hold the gaze between us, as I stare into what seems to be all of space and time, eternity squashed into two brown pupils.

"Who are you?"

The End

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