Waking up

Sometimes I wonder if being a vampire entails a heartbeat. As Gabby snuggles into my side again after just telling me that she would want to stay with me after we got off the bus, I'm left with no doubt that we do indeed have heartbeats as my own heart thudded loudly in my chest.

Her eyes close and I think for a moment that she's fallen asleep on my once again, but her breathing doesn't slow into the rhythm it has when she sleeps, so I figure she's still awake. It's alright for her, she caught up on sleep. I didn't. I feel my own eyes slide shut and I'm asleep about half a second later, my arms still around Gabby.

I sleep through the whole day, waking up when it gets to late night. The first thing I see when I wake up, is Meggie and the older guy. The older guy has his arms around her much like I have mine around Gabby still. He looks up at me and our eyes meet warily. I know the guy is really Christian, like majorly into religion, but I have no idea where he stands on vampires. Clearly, he has no qualms when it comes to making out with girls younger than him, so the look on his face can't be because I'm hugging Gabby.

I glance down at Gabby and... she's fallen asleep. I smile and kiss the top of her head without even thinking about it. And then I think about it. This is the part where most of my brain would go "oops" and I'd try to pretend it never happens, but it doesn't. Well, a little bit of it does, but not enough of it to make me care.

After all, I've never been one to listen to my brain all that often anyways.

The End

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