Funny 'pfft' noises.

"Nice... Nothing else?" Well, sure, he smells good, but I'm not exactly going to admit that am I? I've already made enough of a fool of myself today. And I'm not that bad a singer, jeez...

"Yeah, you have soft hair." I managed o resist the urge to slap myself on the forehead. Fool.

"So... I have a sexy laugh, soft hair, and I'm nice. Great. I must be such a boring person if that's all you can come up with."

"No, there's more, but if I told you, you would give me that look where you raise your eyebrow, and it makes me feel like you think I'm insane." I probably thinks I'm insane anyway.

"Tell me." He insisted."

"You want me to list them?" I asked sceptically.

He shrugged. "Sure."

"Okay..." I took a deep breath in preparation. "You have a sexy laugh, soft hair, you're nice, you have a cosy hoodie, your eyes are amazing, your accent makes my tummy flip, you buy my clothes, I get lost in your eyes, you look at me like you adore me, you call me stupid when I know you're only kidding, you entertain me, you don't frown on my drug use, you don't sing with me, but make me feel okay about making a total fool out of myself, you are really nice to hug, you smell good..." I took another breath as I ran out of steam. "There's more, but I can't think of them right now.

"Is that enough reason to want to get to know you better?"

He looked shocked at my long list. Well, I had been thinking about it. "I... guess so, yeah..."

I sighed sullenly, and muttered, "They don't care about the age gap..."

"What?" Alex asked me, confused, and I cocked my head towards Meggie and Aidan, still kissing in the middle of the aisle like... like... I couldn't think up a sufficiently mean adjective for them. Yeah, I'm jealous. Get over it. Alex glanced at them, before looking back at me.

"I wish they would stop." I whispered, as the kiss continued, and he sighed.

"Just don't look." Grinning, I put my hands over my eyes and tried to block out my thoughts. Alex wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his side. I sighed happily.

"So... What do you want to know about me then? I mean, you said you want to know me better, but what do you actually want to know?" I considered this for a moment, and took my hands away from my eyes while I thought.

"Umm... When's your birthday?" I could only think of really stupid, generic questions.

"Twenty seventh of March."

"Cool." Well, what else am I s'posed to say? "What's your favourite colour?"

"I... don't know, actually. Never really thought about it."

"Weird..." I muttered, without thinking.

"Why?" He asked.

"Just 'cause most people have preferences for that kind of thing."

"Do you?"

I frowned, trying to remember. "Well... no, I suppose I don't. If I had to choose, I think it would be red or blue."

He grinned. "Nothing to do with the colour of my eyes?" Alex chuckled lightly.

I blushed with chagrin. "Wow, that was fast." God, most people wouldn't notice that. I'd hoped he wouldn't notice.

He was still grinning. "Anything else you'd like to know?"

"Not really, but I'll think of something." I watched the trees flash by outside, trying to think of a suitable question.

"Fair enough." He muttered.

"Do you prefer summer or winter?" The Sun, sinking below the horizon, gave me that inspiration.

"Winter. I can spend more time outdoors." And I thought that would be a deep question.

"True. If you didn't get attacked by the Sun, would you like summer more?"

I thought I heard a small sigh. "Yeah, I used to love the summer."

"Does it make you sad that you can't enjoy it as much?"

"Hmm... No, not really. I mean, I wish I could stand in the sun for more than ten minutes at a time, sure, but it does mean I can't go and sit in the park and wallow whenever I miss Angelina."

He'd never told me her name before. It felt weird, sitting in his arms while he talked about this other girl who he was obviously still completely in love with. It made me fel sad and guilty at the same time. "Will you tell me about her? Angelina, I mean. Don't if it'll make you sad." I tacked that on the end, because I didn't want to depress him.

He hesitated, and I instantly knew I'd made a mistake. "Well... what do you want to know about her...?"

"Just... what was she like? Seriously, though, don't tell me if you don't want to. I totally understand."

He didn't speak for a moment, and I sat there awkwardly. "I'd rather not, sorry. Y'know, you were right, when you told me I just have to move on."

Course I was. "No I wasn't." Oh, the things I do to make someone feel better. "I was just trying to think of something to say."

"You were." Duh. "You're not a complete idiot after all." He laughed, and I scowled at him. "I was complimenting you." He protested.

"Great compliment." I muttered sarcastically.

"What, saying you're not an idiot? Pfft, remind me never to say it again."

I giggled immaturely. "You make funny 'pfft' noises."

"I make funny 'pfft' noises?" He repeated, an eyebrow raised. There was that look - the one that made me feel like he thought I was insane.

"Yes, that's what I said."

"How do I make funny 'pfft' noises?" He questioned.

"I don't know." I shrugged. "You just do."

"Huh." He glowered at me.


"Making fun of my 'pfft' noises." He glared at me, and I supressed a giggle. How ridiculous was this conversation? This is why I like him so much.

"Shut up and hug me, fool."

"I am hugging you." He pointed out.

"I noticed." And I smiled, because it was enough.

The End

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