Running from petty eternity

I stepped slowly onto the bus, my shawl draped over my shoulders.

Shuffling slowly towards an empty seat I sat without a word. I was sent here to find out about this place.

We watch from on-high, play with the world, not big events just little day to day drama. We are the gods of various things but we get bored. This is one of the only places we haven't been able to watch or interferre with. Let me tell you the others dont like that.

I voulenteered straight away to be the one to get here. If they couldn't see me then I could run from them, leave the boring clouds and their twisted ways behind, if they could see me then well at least I got to have a bit of fun down here.

They don't take me seriously being the godess of looking up and finding there is no loo-roll left after you've finished your business.

I used to be the goddess of spartan-woman. That was kind of outdated now and all we could put ourselfs to was petty things to annoy the humans. I was now bored of it.

I hoped this would be exciting.

The End

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