I'm still on the bus.

I've been counting down the minutes (which seem like hours) from which I was told I was sitting on the bus with a Vampire. Nothing whatsoever interesting has happened to me. About a billion and 1 things have happened to the people around me but not to me. "Am I invisible?" It's not just like this here either. At the hospital where I work it's all like "Hanna who?" I guess it's because I haven't saved anyones life yet. Ever since my little accident with the heart restarting thingy's I haven't been allowed to do that kind of work. The children's ward is my thing. Not all the little kids with Cancer and life threatening illnesses but the children's A and E. I do all the jobs from cut off thumbs in DT to splinters up the bottom. It's not a very productive job. I kept moaning to my husband about it every day after work so he came up with the idea of me becoming a GP. I wouldn't have to deal with little kids all the time but I wouldn't be expected to restart someone's heart.

I guess Jenny now knows my career.  

The End

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