I'm going to blame the last smiley for how un-smiley I feel right now. I'm not feeling like Gabby is, though. Not sicky kind of un-smiley. Like too hot and claustrophobic kind of un-smiley. I take off my hoodie and slouch into the chair, whining at no one in particular about how annoying this is. First drug crash, I guess.

I don't like it.

It doesn't feel so good.

I'm still too hot. Everything is really, really bright and I close my eyes, but it feels like the light on the bus is trying to stab my eyes out. How can you go from loving everything and being amazingly happy to feeling like your head is going to implode within seconds? I feel like someone stole the oxygen.

Gabby isn't much better either, heaving up in the bathroom. Ugh. I'm going back to being straightedge after this! Really. I'm going to ignore the weird craving I'm getting. I don't even know what I'm craving!

Oh. Water. And the craving to be touched. Like hugging kinda touched. That's not much of a craving is it? But then again, my head is pounding. I pull myself up, tripping over my jumper and pretty much falling into the little bathroom thing. I don't care; I crawl over to the little sink and stick my mouth under the tap. The little trickle of water is infuriating, but it's something.

After a while, Gabby stops puking and I stop trying to drink the water from the tap. I sit against the wall, my face screwed up in a grimace as my head threatens to dissolve or something. When I hear Gabby stop hurling, I look up.

‘I need a hug,' I groan, not even caring about just how pathetic I sound.

‘Why d'you want to hug me? I probably stink of sick and general grossness.' She says and I shake my head, instantly regretting it.

‘I don't really care.'

‘Okay then...' she looks kinda weirded out. I close my eyes, too tired to keep them open and lift my arms. She sits across my lap clumsily, and I put my arms around her, leaning my head forward into her side, smelling a mix of both myself and her and blood. Even like this, the hug feel amazing. Like the best thing ever. Her arms slip around me, too, and I think I fall asleep, but I can't tell - everything looked like a dream regardless of whether I was awake or not.

The End

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