Smells Good. Like You.

We got back on the bus, giggling like maniacs. Alex had fallen over a fair few times as we ran, me insisting to be clamped onto his back. It would have been faster walking, to be honest. Or getting a taxi, but I don't think the driver would appreciate us being in the car with him.

"Shoot, Alex, I got blood on your hoodie." I said as we flopped into our seats. It wasn't much - just a few splatters - but it was noticeable. I made my vision go blurry, and tried to make images out of the splashes. There was a rabbit. And a deer. And a deformed cloud. Wait... clouds are deformed anyways, right?

"So?" He asked, his voice, a little too loud, reminding me that I had spoken. I frowned.

"So I won't be able to wear it anymore." I pulled the thick material up to my nose and inhaled. "It still smells like you."

"Why can't you wear it anymore? Just wash it." I nodded, considering. "And don't do that. It's weird."

I giggled. "I know. But it wouldn't smell like you any more if I washed it." I complained, frowning again.

"Y'know, there can't really be anything all that good about the smell of an unwashed body. I've not washed that in ages, it really does need a wash." I rolled my eyes, a distant part of my brain was aware that the next thing I was about to say could be a complete mistake.

"Your unwashed body, silly." Alarm bells chimed in my head, but I ignored them. It was easy to ignore them. They were so far away. The urge to crash the bus was back, too. "If I did wash it, would you wear it again for me? Just for a little while."

He stared at me in shock. "That's got to be one of the strangest requests I've heard in a long time... and I'm a vampire. That hunts vampires. Good one."

I glared at him, though it was hard to decide which Alex to look at. There was one, two, three.... about five, maybe more. It was hard to count. "I'm serious." But then my mind wandered - again. "And also very hungry. Do you have any food?" My tummy growled, emphasising my point.

He passed over a bag. "I dunno, whatever's in there." Without looking, I lunged into the packet and shoved whatever I could get my probing fingers on into my mouth. The word 'probing' reminded me of aliens. If vampires and werewolves and Piynies are real, are there aliens out there too? Wait... Mai. Yeah, and that other one, what's her name? Olivia. They were aliens, right? Meh. Deep thought process over; aliens do exist.

Piynies! I backtracked a little. Oops. I reached behind me and pulled the fairy from my hood, placing her on the seat in front again. She wobbled dangerously, but I left her. I guess mini people do get high. I just wonder how drastic the effects are.

The End

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