We hit the ground running, the thud of the tarmac beneath our feet as we leapt out of the bus as it hurtled along at over sixty mph was exhilarating and flashing off into the distance at a flat out run back towards the America/Canada border. I have to slow down pretty quickly, to wait for Gabby to catch up. I jog alongside her as she runs as fast as she can and grin at her.

‘Keep going,' I tell her, falling behind a little. She looks back at me hesitantly, but I smile and tell her to look ahead. I pick up speed again and stretch out my arms, grabbing onto her, pulling her off her feet and onto my back. ‘Hold on!' I yell, continuing to pick up speed.

‘What are you doing?' she shouts at me, ‘I can run just fine!' I laugh and shake my head.

‘You're so slow!' I reply.

‘Only to you! Are you really that excited to get high?' she laughs and I feel her grip tighten as I tear through a woodland, the trees blurring into a corridor of greens and browns. The woods disappear and we're in Canada, heading for B.C.

‘No. I've just been sitting down doing nothing for far too long.'

‘Whatever. Don't put me down, this is fun.' She says, the words half lost in the wind I'm creating. So I don't put her down, but when we reach this place called Kamloops, I slow to a more human speed, perhaps a human sprint. Which probably looks weird, with Gabby clinging to me. I ignore any weird looks we get and keep moving, following my nose, on the... smell out for weed. Hmm. There. I take a left and we wind up in a dingy little alley. The alley stinks, but there's drugs on the air, so I keep going.

‘You alright up there?' I ask as we walk slowly down the road.  

‘Mhm. Your hair smells nice.' She replies. I arch an eyebrow.

‘My hair smells nice? We're in a creepy alley and all you can think about is how nice I smell?' I shake my head a little and follow the scent of the drugs.

‘That's not all I'm thinking about.' She retorts.

‘What are you thinking about then?' I ask, a little curiously.

‘Never mind.' She mumbles. I press my lips together a little and force back the next question. Eventually, we come to a door, dark bottle green, the paint peeling. Typical drug gang kinda hideout, I guess. A bit stereotypical, but I don't care. I contemplate it for a minute, before deciding I should really take some cash out somewhere, and see if I can find somewhere a little less depressing.

‘Just gonna go get some cash. We'll come back here if I can't find anywhere else, okay?'

‘Okay, but... doesn't matter.' She starts and stops and changes her mind and this is really gonna start driving me nuts.

‘But what, Gabby?' I ask, perhaps a little irritably. I'm bored of her being so evasive.

‘I was just going to suggest we skip the whole buying part, but I'm not really that hungry so it would be a waste.' I nod and stop at a cash machine, glad it looks relatively like a normal one back home. I take out as much as it will allow me, five hundred Canadian dollars. This can buy us quite a lot, and we needn't hurt anyone. I'm fed up of being so destructive. It's not something I can control, but I should at least make an effort or I'll lose what little remaining humanity I possess, like Gabby said. I push that thought away and move on, pocketing my money.

‘Five hundred dollars. What have you always wanted to try? You mentioned something about once wanting to spend your birthday getting high. You must have had something you always wanted to try?'

‘Uhh... not really. I've never wanted to go for the hard stuff.' She mutters as I turn away from the cash machine.

‘Hmm. I'll take whatever they feel like giving me. It's hardly gonna kill me.' I walk slowly, shifting her slightly on my back.

‘You never know. What does kill a vampire, anyways? I've probably asked this before, but whatever.' She queries and I think about that for a moment. Good question.

‘Sunlight, starvation. A well placed knife or bullet works just as well, too. I've not experimented, to be honest. I found a way that worked at stuck to it.'

‘Cool...' she murmurs, and falls silent. I guess her mind is wandering. She's not one to pay attention for long, as far as I can tell. Never know though, her attention span might be longer than I think. So anyway, I set off again, wandering around the rest of the town looking for somewhere else that smells as strongly as that place with the green door, but I feel the strange compulsion to go back there. Unconsciously, I obey that urge.

The End

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