Please Can we Crash the Bus?

He'd messed up  my sort-of parting when he ruffled my hair. But I left it. The weird way my hair felt on my head was a reminder of his touch. I think I would die of humiliation if I ever admitted this to someone.

"I wanna crash the bus..." I muttered, not thinking anyone would hear.

"Uhh, not such a good idea." Alex said, looking at me like I was insane. Maybe I was, I really don't know. I considered asking the voices... I giggled to myself, before realising that he was waiting for some sort of explanation.

"You weren't supposed to hear that." I said, turning to look at him. "And why not, anyway?"

He smiled. "Vampire hearing, remember?" Oh yeah. Forgot about that one. "And, umm... people would get hurt?" I almost laughed at the uncertainty in his voice. It was like he wasn't sure exactly why we shouldn't crash the bus.

"We could evacuate it first, and then have some fun. It wouldn't take us long to heal, and we'd get a new bus that would have plug sockets." He stared at me blankly. "Don't you think it's a good idea?"

He shrugged. "Why do you want to crash the bus anyways?"

"I'm kind of bored." I said simply, twisting the sleeve of his hoodie. It still smelt like him.

"And so you want to crash a bus." He rolled his eyes. "Why not get off and go to BC and get some weed instead?" Figures; British Columbia produces forty percent of the world's weed.

"Will you come with me to get some?" I asked him anxiously, biting my lip. I was sure the answer would be no, but I couldn't resist trying.

"Sure, why not?" My eyebrows raised in shock. Was he playing some sort of mean trick?

"Serious?" I asked him, cautiously.

He glanced at me, before looking back out the window. "It's better than being sober."

I laughed, slightly incredelous. "What are you, some sort of Junkie? But okay, we'll get off at the next stop." I paused, grinning. "Even better if we don't have to buy it and just drink some randomer's blood."

"I'm not a junkie, I just don't like it when my brain doesn't shut up." He was still looking out of the window.

"I know how you feel..." I muttered. I don't think any human would have been able to hear that, but a vampire certainly would. I think he chose to ignore it, but turned back to me, a grim smile in place on his face.

"Screw it. Let's go now."

"Yay!" I squealed. "Let's go annoy Beth again! Or maybe we should just punch another hole in the wall. Taking an emergency exit would be cleaner, though." Then I thought about what we were actually doing. "I can't believe youre supporting this kind of behaviour, but let's go before you change your mind." I stood up, trying to decide which direction to head in; the front, the back window, or the stairs by the toilet.

He laughed. "I've spent too many years sober. But let's take the emergency exit."

I felt an irrational pang of disappointment. What was going on with me? I'm not normally so destructive. "I was hoping we could punch a hole through the wall, but whatever. Should we take Nell?" I asked him, glancing down at the fairy sitting patiently.

"Ask her."

"Do I have to? Can't we just leave her?" I whined, being a total meanie, I know. "That sounded mean." I bactracked, picking her up.

Alex also stood up, and schooched out into the aisle. We were receiving stares from other passengers. "Well maybe you should ask her." His voice turned thoughtful. "I wonder how a fairy copes with getting high."

A devilish glint appeared in my eye, and I put the Piynie in my hood. "That could be very interesting. We're taking her." He laughed as we walked towards the stairs leading to the toilet and side door. I worried if some sort of alarm would go off if we just smashed it open, but then we were out in the fresh air and I didn't care anymore.

The End

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