I Didn't Mean it...

I'm sure you can get little chairs somewhere. I think one of my friends had a tiny gold version of that Van Gogh one... Oh well, I'll probably end up completely forgetting about it anyway.

To avoid looking at the thoughtful, slightly worried expression on Alex's face, I started thinking up possible chair construction methods. I could twist the paper, and then glue it together, before coating it with another layer to make it smooth. But that might end up being messy. I could always draw out a complicated net, before slotting the pieces together easily. But I'm not some kind of whizz kid, so that probably wouldn't work, either. Or maybe just glue layers of paper together to form some sort of stool.

My mind refused to be distracted any longer. "Are you okay?" I asked Alex.

"Hmm?" He turned to look at me slowly. It was like I'd just pulled him from an extremely long and complicated thought process.

"You look... I don't know, worried. Or confused about something." I tried to judge his expression; the frown that didn't quite go away, the hard set of his jaw. There was definitely something wrong.

"No. No, I'm fine."

I raised an eyebrow, but turned away from him. "You don't look fine..."

"I'm fine." He insisted. I didn't believe him.

"Whatever." I muttered, looking back at the Piynie. She was watching our exchange with amusement in her eyes.

Alex sighed, exasperated. "What?"

"Well it's really obvious that you're not fine, but you won't tell me. Which means that either it's because of me, or, I don't know... there isn't really another option." I wished he would just go ahead and tell me what the problem was.

"It's just..." He sighed. "Yeah. You confused me. Don't worry about it."


"True love?" His laugh had a hysterical edge to it, and he shook his head.

Crap. Let it go, for God's sake! "Just because I said that doesn't mean I meant you." Did that even make sense? Ugh. Stupid, stupid brain.

"I know, that's what I was trying to work out after the comments about my laugh being sexy 'n' stuff. Just forget it, it's not important." I rolled my eyes, though turned away from him so he couldn't see.

"It obviously is, but whatever."

"Huh. Well, did you mean me?" He asked, almost hesitantly. Did I want to answer that? I tried to word the my reply carefully, tiptoing around the true answer.

"No, not necessarily." That should've mean safe enough.

"You and your vague comments." Oh, so he did notice? Oopsies.

I stared at my hands, twining them together and cracking my knuckles. It hurt, but I embraced the pain. "Vague comments are me security. Don't judge me." Keep it light, Gabby.

"Then I shall remain confused." Alex shrugged and turned back to the window, watching the barren terrain crawl by. I sighed.

"Sorry. I don't want you to be confused, but I'm confused too. I can't help it." My voice trailed off gradually.

"It's okay." He said simply, not looking back at me.

Why do I always end up making things awkward? I must be jinxed. There we were, happy just as friends, and then I had to go and get a huge crush on him. Why? Ugh! It's infuriating! I cursed myself for my stupidity and 'romanticness'. I shuddered visibly at the very word. 'Romantic'. It sounds like some soppy film.

The End

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