Over reacting?

Wow. This little crush thing we've got going goes a lot deeper than I thought. On her part at least. I like her. I can get my head around that now I've had some time to think about it. But then she somehow got "true love" in there! I thought I was confused before. Now I'm mega confused. Uber confused.

I try not to think about it and attempt to berate Gabby instead for finding the thought of the fairy falling off the chair funny. But I can't, because well... it would be kinda funny. She would be one pissed off fairy.

‘Well I would say make the fairy a chair or something, but she's managed this long without one,' I say, watching as she clings to the fabric of the chair.

‘I guess so, but she doesn't look very comfortable up there.' Gabby replies, also watching the fairy.

‘She's more than welcome to climb down and find somewhere better,' I ignore the fairy's glare and look out of the window.

‘Yeah. It would be fun to make a chair though...' at this, I look back at Gabby.

‘Go ahead. No one's stopping you,' I tell her, a hint of a smile on my lips.

‘Okay. Do you have any paper on you?' she asks, glancing at my bag. I shake my head.


‘Hmm...  Neither do I. I'll get some at the next stop. Or maybe I'll just buy her a little chair. Can you buy little chairs?' I arch an eyebrow and chuckle.

‘I don't know. Depends where we stop, I guess.' I trail off, not really interested in talking about mini chairs for a grumpy fairy. "I was always taught that true love, no matter what form it came in, shouldn't be ignored." Really. What made her think of that? It can't be me. Can it? You know what? I'm probably over reacting. Because I can't fall for anyone, let alone someone a decade younger than me.

I can't.

The End

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