Lust In America

America. The land of good food good fashion and, basically, good everything. Except I don’t have enough money to buy anything proper. The simple pocket money for snacks on the way to Switzerland would certainly not buy me a lovely vintage dress. As Alex and Gabby leave (again), Beth rolls her eyes and declares a pit-stop. She says that we’re gonna have a least a couple of hours away, and I relax. Good, I need a shower. Before I leave, Aidan wanders off on his own; he says he has a couple of calls to make. I am tempted to follow him but he probably doesn’t want me tagging along all the time like a lonely puppy. He’s probably had enough of me already. I couldn’t tell Aidan about the out-of-body experience I had had and what my mother had said. I didn’t know if I believe it myself, but something tells me that, deep down, it’s all true. Does that mean I’m a monster?

My mind is lost in the fear that my whole life might be about causing more harm than good, and soon I find my feet just taking me with the crowd. When I finally look up I am in a busy high street, filled with glamorous shops advertising glossy up-to-date hairstyles and glittery fabric dresses. I stare enviously at the ladies coming out of the hairdressing parlour with such beautifully combed locks, whilst mine are damp, scraggly, and starting to frizz down my back. Some of the women glare down at me, so I move away quickly and find myself outside a clothes store. In the window there’s the most gorgeous dress I have ever seen: sea green with puffy princess sleeves and silver sequins sewn on at random. It is just above floor-length in length, which would do perfectly to cover up my horrible legs, and it looks like it is made from stretch-fabric. Perfect to cover my not-so-flat stomach too. Something inside of me is screaming for a change of outfit, for this elegant dress. That something, I know is lust. Lust, that’s a sin. Oh dear.

I stand like this for several minutes, again staring at the dress, when someone comes and stands beside me. Aidan! He puts his hand on my shoulder and smiles when I glance up at him, “Fashion, huh? I never really got it. Nice dress though.”

I grin up at him; talking to Aidan is more refreshing than the shower-especially as we hadn’t talked much on The Bus; I was too anxious after the experience to chat, lost in my thoughts. “Yeah. You like it? I do too…bit out of my price-range though.” I laugh bitterly.

Aidan is quiet for a moment. “If you like it…Well…maybe it’s not out of my price-range…” He blushes, “And you need a change out of those clothes…”

“Are you offering to buy it for me?” I smirk.

“If you want to…”

He blushes again, and minutes later he arrives back outside the store holding the stunning dress. “A present from me to you...” He grins. I quickly go to change; the garment makes me look slinky, and a bit (dare I say it?) sexy. I hurry back to where Aidan is waiting for me.

“You look gorgeous!” He exclaims as I spin round. I giggle and he takes my hand. There’s nothing like a boy for chasing away the parental blues!

“We should go back, you know. They’re probably waiting for us.”


I knew, by a scowl from Beth, that they had been.

The End

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