Damn Those Little People.

Okay, I admit it; I screamed.

Well what would you do if a little... thing tapped you on the earlobe? I almost brushed her off, but I heard the little voice. I mean... wow. Creepy.

I saw Alex look around for the source of my screaming, confused. "What's wrong?"

"It's a thing!" I yelped, trying not to move my head.

"Thing?" He asked, still confused.

"Yes! A thing! Just look at it." I picked up the little person by her collar, holding her up in front of my eyes. She struggled, kicking and flailing her arms. Alex squinted at her. "Jesus Christ. What is it?"

"How would I know?"

I shrugged. "Universal knowledge. Duh." The thing was starting to go blue in the face and grasping at it's throat. I think I was suffocating it, so I placed it on the palm of my hand instead. She stood up, brushed herself down and glared at me. The intensity of her bright green eyes almost scared me. I shouldn't have been able to see details like that - yes, she was that small. "Holy crap. It's, like, tiny."

"Not so Universal if you don't know." He said, still looking at the thing.

"Humph. What should I do with it?" I asked, more confused than ever. It's, like, a thing. You don't come across one of them every day.

"Well, since it - she - looks like a person, maybe treat her like one? Just a very... small one." I could tell that he was just as confused as me.

"Huh. Yeah. Well... But it's - I mean, she's - so cute!" I squealed, and she covered her ears with her hands.

"Certainly cuter than any leprechaun I ever saw..." Alex muttered, and I grinned, turning to look at him. I felt the little person - Nell, was it? That's what I thought she said - crawling up my hand towards my fingers where I still held a jelly baby. It tickled.

"You're the cutest leprechaun I ever saw."

"You may live to regret that one, Gabby." He glared.

My grin grew wider. "Well, you are."

"I'm not a leprechaun. Anyway," He said, trying to change the subject, and talking to it. "Who are you?"

I sniggered, also turning to her. "Yeah, so..."

I saw as her mouth moved, but no noise could be heard. I moved in closer, trying to listen to what she had to say, but I couldn't hear at all. It was barely a whisper when she was right next to my ear, and now there was nothing. She jumped up and down, and I could see that she was screeching at the top of her voice. Well, this is going to be a problem.

"You know, I've never been tempted to hurt you before." Alex said, in response to my laugh, though he was staring intently at the little person.

"Sure you have, many times." I smiled.

"Not this badly."

"You'll get over it." I laughed, watching as my breath blew Nell's hair around her face. I leaned back, trying not to breathe on her so that she didn't blow away. It wouldn't be a good experience for her.

"If you say so." He muttered.

"So, anyway... how am I supposed to talk with someone who has a really tiny voice?" I asked him, looking back at her. She had retrieved the jelly baby and was sitting, munching on it. It dwarfed her, and her bites were making almost no difference to it, though her cheeks were in proportion with a hamster that had full pouches.

"I don't know. Try putting her back near your ear." This is so weird.

"But... don't you like, I don't know, have some sort of amplifying equi- oh, nevermind." Putting the little person back on my shoulder, I felt like I was trying to have a conversation with Thumbelina. I put the jelly baby up there too.

Alex shook his head. "I'm not a roadie, Gabby." He laughed.

"Shame..." I muttered, trying to hear the girl. I could hear little murmers as she talked to me. I felt bad for not really listening.

"Really? Is it really a shame?" He asked.

I tried to listen harder to Nell, but he was distracting me. "Yes, yes it is."

He made a 'pfft' noise, mocking. "I apologise for my failings."

I resisted the urge to laugh, and kept my face serious. It was hard though, and I couldn't move my head in case my hair brushed Nell off my shoulder. She was still talking. Though probably to herself now, muttering about the fact that no one listens to her. "You should be sorry. It makes this much harder than necessary."

"Even if I was a roadie and just so happened to have a mic and an amp, where exactly would we plug it in?"

I considered. "Uhh... I don't know. I didn't think about that. I'm sure this super bus will have some sort of outlet which we can harness the power of."

"Um, sure. Because we've all seen plugs on buses." He laughed.

"Shurrup." I murmered, turning red. "Nell, I don't mean to be rude, but what are you?" Yeah, you got it; it sounded rude.

"Okay." I heard Alex say, and saw him miming zipping his lips closed from the corner of my eye and resisted the urge to laugh again.

"I'm a Piynie." I heard the voice, and couldn't stop the gasp. It was a tiny whisper, but I heard it. I heard it. Mhm, I'm proud of myself for being able to listen to a little freak, I mean, umm... Piynie. Yup.

"What exactly is a Piynie?"

The End

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