Damn Those Big People

I watched intently as a jelly baby went wizzing past my seat.  It narrowly missed my leg but I dodged it almost effortlessly.  I regained my posture and sat there with a smug grin on my face.  Suddenly, when I was just reliving my awsome skills, a sweet flew across the bus and right onto my lap.

The impact winded me for a few seconds and it took all my strength for me not to cry out.  Thankfully the jelly baby was quite light and I managed to slowly roll it off my body.  The sweet rcked back and forward next to me, almost teasing me with the fact it was almost my size.

I stand up and stretch my feet so I am on my toes - desperately trying to see who was throwing the food.  My efforts are wasted though as I am of course only two centimetres high.  Too small for any other traveller to see me and two quiet for anyone to hear. 

I flop back into my seat - tired from all the exercise.  Due to my small size, it doesn't take a lot to exaust me.  Another sweet lands very near to me and I decide enough is enough.  I had been waiting so long for somebody to notice me, well, now I would need to take matters into my own hands.

I stood up again, shuffled nervously to the back of my seat and grabbed ahold of the strands of fabric.  I hauled myself up to a higher level and grabbed another strand.  I quickly got into a rhythm and soon was at the top of the seat.  I was terrified in case the bus made a sudden stop as I would surely topple over the edge. 

I scanned the whole bus until I spotted who had thrown the jelly babies.  It was a girl.  Around sixteen or seventeen.  She had remarkably pale skin and muddy red hair.  I had seen her before, watched her walk past me several times.  When ever something big happened on this bus, it always seemed to include her. 

She was only a couple of rows behind me, I prepared myself to jump.  Us Piynies have adapted very well to the big world and are exeptionally good at jumping - we can almost fly.

I leap from one row to the next until I land right next to the girl.  She obviously doesn't see me - no one ever does.  I shout as loud as I can, "hello!" Nothing.  "HELLO!!"

I look around to see if anybody else heard.  Nope.

There is only one option left.  I swing my arms back and jump one last time. 

Thud.  I land gently on the top of the girl's shoulder and tap the back of her ear.

"Hello," I say.  "I'm Nell, and can you please stop throwing things?"

The End

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