They Scream.

Cookies are fun to throw. Like, ridiculously so. I ducked down behind my seat right after watching it explode as it hit the back of someone's head. It was somewhat satisfying.

I tried to avoid saying something about Alex's laugh, but I couldn't stop the grin. Why was it so appealing to me? I don't know. To be honest, I really don't care. I just like it.

"I think that we should find stuff to throw at people. Like... Jelly Babies or something." I laughed.

"Wasn't the cookie enough?"

I grinned, "Nope. I want more now." Once I get a taste for something new, I often can't stop. Like those junkies... My mouth started watering when I thought of them. I think that guys like those will be my new target.

"You have a very mean streak, you know that?" He asked me.

I mock-evil laughed, tossing my head back and twining my hands together. "Yes, yes I do." He shook his head. "So you don't have any Jelly babies?" I asked him, calming down a little, though my eyes were alight with excitement.

"No, the cookies were the last edible thing I had. Well, half a packet of crips that's been open since before I... half turned you." I sighed.

"Shame. I didn't want to waste mine but I guess I have to now." I reached down and took a full packet of sweets from my bag. "I've had them since I left home."

"Oh, so you were happy to waste mine if I had them, but not your own?" I saw him roll his eyes, before grabbing some from the bag and shoving them in his mouth.

"Hey, those are for throwing!" I objected.

"Actually, they were made for eating." He said matter of factly.

I scowled at him, before picking up an orange Jelly baby and holding it up infront of me. "My favourite thing about jelly babies used to be that they didn't scream when I bit into them." I mused, before my voice turned hard. "And then my science teacher burned it in some chemical and it did scream. I try to make it more humane now, by biting their heads right off." I demonstrated, chopping the squishy head off cleanly.

"A jelly baby screamed?" He looked at the sweet, almost as if he expected it to screech loudly.

"Mhm. I didn't listen after that , but it has something to do with combustion. Smelled like candy floss." I popped the rest of it in my mouth.

"Right..." He ate his jelly baby.

I picked another from the bag - a green one this time - and threw it towards the front of the bus. "I never did like the green ones."

"Me neither. That's why I got all of the red ones." He grinned at me.

I felt my eyes widen, and started rummaging around in the bag frantically. "Reds are my favourite! You took all of them!"

He chuckled and waved a sweet infront of my face, teasing me.

I lunged for the jelly baby, grabbing for it, but he flicked it across the other side of the bus. I scowled. "Meanie."

"Still want it?" He asked, smiling. I nodded. "Go on then." He pointed at the red sweet, sitting on a seat across the bus. "It's over there."

I stood up and walked over to it, trying to keep my balance as the vehicle bounced on the bumpy road. Retrieving the sweet, I returned, brushing it down and popping it in my mouth. Alex rolled his eyes.

Commence Food War.

The End

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