Back to the bus. Again

I was right about the movie - smurfs but with better graphics. Pretty much the same story line, too; someone tries to infiltrate the people to gain something, some stupid rock, I might add, and then that person happens to fall in love with the people and the world and turns against their own people. Stupid generic Hollywood plots.

When Gabby falls asleep, leaning on my shoulder, I find myself wrapping my arm around her shoulders. I think I might still be a little bit high. Just a little bit. But the contact and the constant voice in the back of my mind scolding me about our age difference, but it's just an arm around her shoulder, right? We're friends. I take her 3D glasses off and put them in the drinks holder.

As Jake Sully abandons his little dragon creature for the big dragon creature on screen, Gabby finally wakes up. She missed half of the film, probably more, but she doesn't seem to care, waking up with my arm around her. I ask her if she wants me to move, but she grabs my hand and stops me, telling me she's "comfortable" where she is. I laugh at her reaction and look back at the screen, watching the big cat smurfs gazing up at Jake Sully in awe.

‘I love your sexy Irish laugh,' Gabby says. The randomness of it, and her telling me to ignore that straight after makes me shift uncomfortably. You're ten years older, ten years older. Ten. A whole decade. Shhhh.

‘Sexy?' eventually she says that it's Irish guys generally that are sexy, or as she put it, "gorgeous"... for those of you that are wondering, yeah, I am indeed from the island of lepers (leprechauns) and fake gold. What a wonderful legacy our ancestors left us. Who wants fake gold? Anyway, I digress. Point is, according to Gabby, I'm "gorgeous" because I'm from leper land. Does this stroke my ego? No. Well, a little bit. But the thought in the back of my head moves to the front of my head and the decade's difference seems so much of a barrier. Barrier to what though?

CONFUSED. Ugh. The rest of the movie just kinda disappears. I blink and suddenly the lights are on and half the people have already gone. I hold my breath, letting them leave first as they stir up the smell of their blood. I feel Gabby twisting to watch them leave and I tighten my arm on her, instinctively keeping her seated. Something tells me she probably didn't mind.

‘Let's go,' I murmur as the cleaning staff come in. I pull her up and somehow, we end up loosely holding hands on the way out. How did that happen? As we step out into the sunlight, I put my hood up, glancing at Gabby with a teensy hint of envy in my eyes (hidden behind the contacts, I hope) that she doesn't have to hide in the shadows.

I don't think Gabby does notice, you know. Her grin is too wide. She still looks kinda stoned, and I know I'm beginning to crave whatever it was those guys were on. Apart from having a great high, it would help me ignore the shouting match going on inside my head. The voice of reason and the voice of what may turn out to be denial.

When we get back to the bus, we discover that most of the passengers have decided to bugger off and go shopping and have a shower and whatnot. Fair enough, I suppose. Which leaves us about as alone as we were in the cinema. Well, there were more people in the cinema, but in the dark it didn't feel like there were. This time, on the bus, it was us and Beth standing by the door with a Starbucks coffee and a cigarette. I let go of her hand as we get on, but when we sit down, I swear she's sitting closer than usual. I can't make up my mind whether I like it just because it means we're not arguing or if I like it just because I like it... weird.

The End

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