Sexy Irish Laugh.

I hurriedly change out of my bloodied clothes, pulling on the shirt and jeans Alex had bought me. I made a mental note to drop the paper bag full of my old stuff in some random dumpster, and walked out to meet Alex, pulling the over-sized sweater on.

"Can we go to a movie now?" I asked, bouncing up and down with excitement.

"Yeah, sure. What d'you want to see?"

I looked around the shopping centre, trying to find inspiration. My eyes fell on a huge poster. "Avatar." I had no idea what that was, but I was a little entertained by the fact that there was a blue person on the advert.

"The smurfs but with better graphics... why not?" He shrugged.

Standing in the line waiting to get our tickets, I started bouncing up and down again. I was excited, but it wasn't just because of the movie. I was looking forward to sitting in a dark space, inches away from Alex.

I stopped the thought right there, and smelled the hoodie again. Ugh, I wish I could stop. He was twenty-six, and I was fift- umm, sixteen. Which is just ridiculous.

As we walked into the dimly lit cinema screen, I turned away for a moment, before looking back at Alex, 3D glasses in place on my face and slipping down my nose. I grinned hugely, and he laughed.

I didn't realise how tired I was until I woke up, my head rested on Alex's shoulder. I jerked upwards, realising how close I was, and he would probably be uncomfortable, but I couldn't move. His arm was around my shoulders.

I relaxed, and leaned back against his side. My glasses were in the drinks holder in the arm of the chair, and I wondered if Alex had taken them off me when I fell asleep.

"You're still high, aren't you?" I whispered.

He shook with laughter beneath me. "Am I? I can't tell..."

I twisted around, trying to look at his face in the dim light. "You do know you have your arm around me, right?"


Someone in front of us turned around and shushed us loudly. I tried not to laugh at the slightly ridiculous situation - Alex's arm around me (me!), and a random person telling us to be quiet, being louder than the two of us in the process. I might just've been slightly giddy, though.

"So you don't care?" I lowered my voice, smiling and turning back to the film. I didn't care about the glasses - it was more comfortable in this position without wearing them anyway. I wasn't interested in the movie anymore.

"Well I can move, if you like..." He started moving his arm, but I put my hand over his to stop him from shifting.

"No. I'm comfortable." I insisted, and he laughed. "I love your sexy Irish laugh." I muttered, before slamming my mouth shut. "Ignore that."

He shifts uncomfortably, "Sexy?"

I groaned. "I told you to ignore that. But, yes, Irish guys are sexy."

"How am I supposed to ignore that!?" He practically shouted.

"I thought it was common knowledge!" I responded, and someone in the audience shushed us again.

He lowered his voice, whispering in my ear. "What exactly is common knowledge?" I smiled, just at the sound of his voice.

"When everyone knows something. How can you not know that Irish guys are hot?" I rolled my eyes, but I was in awe.

"I know what common knowledge is, I meant... whatever. Irish people look retarded, myself included."

I scoffed, a little too loudly. "Yeah right. They're gorgeous."

We fell silent after that, watching the remainder of the film. I automatically pronounced 'film' as 'filum' in my head, a tribute to his accent, I suppose. I laughed aloud, and he gave me a questioning look, but I just shook my head. He'd think I was even more of a freak.

The End

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