"I... Oh, look, the bus!"

I laughed at how obvious it was that he was trying to change the subject. I knew I should be miffed - or downright pissed - that he seemed to regret kissing me, even if it was just on the forehead, but I couldn't bring myself to stop smiling. My cheeks were starting to ache.

Alex placed a helping hand on my back as I wobbled dangerously climbing up the steps. My grin grew wider, and I stumbled towards our seats.

The two of us got a few funny looks, and I wondered if it was because our eyes were as wide as dinner plates - it certainly felt like it - but when I looked down at myself, I was surprised to see I was wearing a red vest top. It was white before. Oopsies.

I sat down and pulled my bag from under my seat, placing it on my lap.

Opening the little case, I couldn't help but smile at the cosy familiarity of it's contents. It was a memory of my human life, back when everything was normal and fairytales didn't - and couldn't possibly - exist. My iPod, snuggled up in a sock, was stuffed into a shoe, and I lifted it out.

Surprisingly, it still turned on. It had been through, like, alot. I strained to remember, but my brain didn't seem to be working correctly. I blamed it on the drugs. 

My mind slowly registered the date, written in small beneath the huge, obnoxious time. I giggled at the thought of time being rude - I said my brain was working funny.

It was January twelfth.

"Alex!" I screamed, jumping around like some kind of fangirl. "Guess what!?"

He groaned, "What?"

 "It's my birthday! I'm sixteen!"

He looked up at me. "Happy Birthday."

I stopped bouncing for a second, and scowled at him. "Is that it?"

"I don't have anything to give you, sorry." He shrugged.

I was surprised at this answer. "I wasn't expecting anything, but sixteen is a big thing... apparently."

He nodded, and bit his lip. "Yeah, sorry. I didn't mean to sound so unenthusiastic. I'm just jaded." He laughed. "So what d'you want to do to celebrate? Other than go get new clothes."

I looked at my newly dyed top again. It probably freaked a few people out that I was completely blood soaked, but it just made me a little but hungry again. I wanted to suck on it.

As for celebration ideas... alot of things flashed through my mind. Some of them, I knew, Alex would hit me for even considering - I reddened just at the thought.

"New clothes sound good." I laughed. "I don't much like wearing skirts. I'm not sure about a celebration though... I'll have to think about that one. Have you got any ideas?" I looked towards him hopefully.

"Well did you ever think about how you would celebrate it before?"

I cocked my head to the side, trying to remember back to those hazy human memories.

"Not really, I had other stuff on my mind. If I did, it would probably involve alcohol and drugs, but seeing as we did the drug thing together earlier, that's off the list, and I'm not exactly in the mood for alcohol. I've changed since then, anyway." I smiled.

"Umm... what do you want to do. It's your day after all."

I considered the possibilities.

"Something interesting." I decided. "We could, I don't know... persuade Beth to drop us off in some town and go to the cinema."

"The cinema?" He asked doubtfully.

"Sure, I mean, we could go see a movie or something." I shrugged.

"Do you even know what's on at the moment?"

I considered that for a minute. I couldn't remember the date I'd gotten on the bus, and I sure as hell couldn't remember what had been on at that time. It was months ago, anyway, and the films that had been showing were undoubtedly finished.

"No... but we could find out." I said slowly, trying to remember if I'd seen any trailers for upcoming films when I still lived at home. "Are you up for it?"

He seemed to hesitate, "Umm... okay..."

I laughed at his expression. "It seems like you don't want to go. What's the problem?"

"People." He answered simply, looking straight ahead.

"Oh, c'mon," I whined. "you just fed." I remembered the taste of that blood and my mouth started watering.

"That's irrevelent when you have no control over your thirst.

I scowled and slumped down in my seat. "You should get control.

"Easier said than done." He muttered, still looking away from me.

"I don't think I understand..." I began slowly, confused. "Why is it so hard for you to avoid drinking?"

"It doesn't matter," he sighed, "let's just find an empty-ish theatre, okay?"

I nodded, and stood up, heading towards the front of the bus to bug Beth yet again.

The End

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