Why'd you let me sleep in the sun?

‘Christ, why'd you let me fall asleep in the sun?' I ask irritably as I roll into the shade of a hedge to stop the burning sensation.

‘I didn't let you fall asleep in the sun,' she replies indignantly, ‘you just did.'

‘You could have moved me.' I whine from the shadows. I hear the bus approaching, but I don't want to move. The grass is comfy. And I'm tired. Even though I just woke up. To Gabby licking my cheek... yeah. That's probably the weirdest way I've ever been woken up. Actually, I think I'm just suffering from drinking all that drugged up blood. Tasted good though.

‘Like I could lift you.' She scoffs and I scowl at her.

‘Screw you, I'm not heavy. And you're half vampire.' I push myself up so I'm sitting, squinting as the sun reaches my face. I put my hood up.

‘Apparently drugs make me feeble,' she says and I notice her wobbling a little as she stands out in the sun. In the sun. B*tch. I wish I could stand in the sun for more than a few minutes. I lean back against the hedge and look up at her as she waits for the bus.

‘I didn't do anything stupid when I was high did I?' I ask, dreading the answer. She grins at me and I instantly know I did do something stupid.

‘Nope,' she says, turning back to the road. The red shine of the bus appears on the horizon and I scowl, getting up and hurling myself at Gabby, running a few more miles ahead of the bus with her.

‘What did I do?' I growl.

‘Nothing. Nothing at all.' She says, still smiling. I think she's still high, to be honest. ‘You fell over, but that's about it. Mhm.'

‘Tell me,' I lower my voice threateningly, towering over her. She caves.

‘Well, you kissed me on the forehead, but that's it.' she mumbles. My eyes widen and I back off a couple of steps.

‘I did what?' I whine. That was not supposed to happen. The kiss, I mean... not the whining.

‘It was like a goodnight kiss, that was all,' she says, but she's unable to hide the pleased smile. I, on the other hand, grimace. Not s'posed to go around kissing fifteen year olds, Alex! You're twenty six!

‘I... Oh look the bus!' I say brightly trying to change the conversation. I wave as it approaches and Beth slows to a halt to reluctantly let us back on.

The End

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