He rolled over and fell right to sleep directly in the sunlight. All I could do was laugh. 

As the giggles began to subside, I watched in awe as the sun rose above the trees. I chuckled at the way the sky turned pink and blue, I smirked at the rays of light streaming through the branches, and I laughed aloud when I discovered that I couldn't stare directly into the sun for more than ten seconds without blinking. I tried for ages. It doesn't work.

Then I entertained myself for a while, staring at the purpley patch left imprinted on the back of my eye  from the bright light. I could never seem to look directly at it... It kept wandering off to the side and if I moved my eyes faster to try and catch it, it ran away quicker. I giggled each time it moved.

Soon the sun was high in the sky and I just lay there, basking in its warmth. My forehead tickled and I remembered Alex's kiss with a smile.

"Alex Alex Alex." I said, trying to get his attention. The words blurred together and sounded more like 'Ahx ahx ahx'. I laughed again. He didn't respond, and I shoved him on the shoulder in a pathetic attempt to get him to wake up. My push was so feeble that he didn't even move.

Instead, I sat up, crawled over the top of him and lay down, facing him. 

"Your skin looks sore." I said, though he still slept peacefully. I snuggled into his side, ducking under his arm, though careful not to disturb his slumber. Hey, I can't help it. My excuse was that my shadow blocked out the sunlight.

On his cheek, I saw some blood that must have been smeared on his face at some point. I felt the insane urge to lick it off.

I tipped my head upwards, tongue out, and his eyes snapped open.

"What the...?" He jerked backwards, eyes widening in shock. I darted forward and licked the blood off his cheek.

"Tasty." I grinned.

"What the hell are you doing?" He shouted at me, and I recoiled, stung.

"I was just licking the blood off your cheek." I responded innocently, still in shock. "I wanted more."

He wiped his cheek, a look of disgust marring his features.  "You're nuts, you know that, right?"

I laughed aloud, "Of course!" and stood up. I was still wobbly, but managed to brush myself down and stumble to the edge of the road, where I could hear the whining engine of the bus approaching. I was covered in blood, but anyone on the bus should be used to that by now. Or leave.

The End

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