So I followed Gabby, just to make sure she didn't get caught doing anything stupid. Just as well, ‘cause she attacked a couple of junkies in their crappy car. While it was moving. I see the driver freaking out and that's when I jump on top of the car. I try not to make too much noise, but it's kinda unavoidable, really.

‘Seriously, Gabby.' I mutter from the roof. I clamber down and push through the driver's side, shoving the shocked addict aside. I mutter a curse as I slide into the driver's seat and struggle to get to grips with the retarded arrangement of cars in Canada or America or wherever the hell we are now that isn't England. I slow to a reasonable speed and try to hold my breath for as long as is possible, but it's kinda pointless - the beast is awake and wanting more. I only just fed. This is ridiculous. Gabby feeds in the back from the passenger guy and boy does she make a mess of it.

Blood drips down into the car and over the guy lying across the middle between the two front seats. Guess he passed out from shock. Or whatever drug it was they were smoking. Why do I care? The point is more that there's a blood thirsty and somewhat uncontrollable beast in the driver's seat, trying really hard not to just stop in the middle of the road and dig in. I feel my eyes snap to red as I look for somewhere to park up where we wouldn't attract too much attention.

Finally I find somewhere and I have to roll the guy over to find the handbrake. I feel the pulse of his blood as I move him and something within me screams at me to not bother with the brakes, just feed. Gritting my teeth, I secure the handbrake and manage to stave off that primal hunger for oh.. two seconds.

I pretty quickly find out why Gabby is so into her meal. Addict blood is so... addictive.  By the time we're both finished, we're both as high as... clouds. Or maybe helium balloons, y'know, when they fly away. I hope I don't get sucked into a jet engine like on the Incredibles. That would be bad. Very bad trip. Mhm. I look down at the bodies in the car with us and all I can do for a minute is laugh. Gabby laughs too.

‘We should really go. What if someone finds us?' I say, wiping away a tear from laughing so hard. I'm pretty sure I smear blood on my face in its place, but I don't think to check the mirrors. Gabby can't stop laughing, but nods. I clamber out of the car and pull her out after me. Still giggling to myself like a possessed five year old, I take Gabby's hand and drag her away from the car.

‘I wanna know what they were smoking,' I say absently as we wander aimlessly down the road. Oh I'm still holding her hand. I can't seem to make my muscles obey me. I want to let go and run back to the bus, but I can hardly stand up, if I'm honest. My legs give way and I collapse in a heap on the grassy verge, accidentally pulling Gabby down on top of me. Well this looks familiar. We both burst out laughing again, seized by the drug's influence and the stupidity of the situation.

I see her own tears of laughter clinging to her eyelashes and my laughter fades as I watch it intently, the little drop glistens and sparkles in the light of the rising sun. Gabby looks down and notices that my eyes are wide with fascination.

‘You're HIGH!' she shrieks and carries on laughing. For a moment I'm stunned, her words echoing in my ears like feedback, and then I see that the tear is gone, dislodged by her movements and I'm able to join her in the laughter again. I push her playfully, sending her tumbling backward into the grass. I move up and crawl over to her on all fours, wobbly and stubbornly going too fast like a toddler,

‘You're higher.' I tell her, prodding her cheek. She slaps my hand away and makes a "pfft" noise grinning up at me. I duck my head down towards her and stare at her in the eye, our noses less than an inch apart. For a moment I'm lost in the weird mix of browns and a tinge of green in her eyes, the hazel and the dark brown encasing little tiny gems of dark green. ‘Pretty,' I mutter. I'm sure my eyes are wider than I thought they could go, like little black holes in my head. That's a weird thought. I wonder if that can happen?

She stares up at me, grinning and giggling like... like... I dunno, I can't be bothered to think of a metaphor, or simile or whatever the hell it is.

‘I'm tired.' I complain. ‘So very very tired.' I yawn and blink slowly. ‘Sleep time.' I mumble, kissing her on her forehead, before curling up on my side and falling right to sleep. In the sun rise. Clever, I know.

The End

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