I sat, chomping on my turkish delight as I tried to take my mind of the thirst. It didn't work very well. Actually, to be honest, it didn't work at all.

"I'm sorry, I'm going to have to get off." I pushed past Alex and speed-walked to the front of the bus. "Beth, I'm so sorry, will you pull over at the next service station? I have to... do some stuff." The look she gave me made it obvious that she both knew what I was really doing and was thouroughly repulsed at the thought. I smiled apologetically.

Alex came up behind me, and we both stood by the door in silence, knowing I would be unable to sit back with the humans. Beth gave us dirty looks every thirty seconds or so, but she wouldn't make us move - she valued the lives of her passengers too much.

After what seemed like a mouthwatering eternity staring at the jumping vein in the driver's neck, we pulled into the carpark of a rundown diner, complete with trailers round the back.

I felt like there should have been tumbleweed and crickets chirping the place was so silent. There was no one here, and I really didn't want to drink the blood of my fellow passengers. Depending on how thirsty I got...

I shook that thought away. I wouldn't hurt anyone I knew, I was resolved on that. Though that didn't really make a difference when it would be someone elses friend or lover or family member. I'd just had to make sure I was controlled enough to not take more than was necessary.

Which is an impossible feat.

I took off running. There was a car in the distance - I could smell the fumes - and I would find it. The wind was exhilerating as it blew through my hair and my skirt, I was aware of Alex gliding along behind me. No human could run this fast, and I was even managing to catch up with that car. The moon gave me what little light I needed, and glinted off the shiny surface of my prey.

As I drew nearer, I heard the loud bass emitting from within, the exhaust growling each time the driver pushed his foot down a little further. I took pleasure in knowing that, even if I did lose control, I would only be ridding the world of a couple of chavs. That was okay with me.

The lightening bolt ripping across the electric blue finish gleamed in the light as I ran past, careful not to be seen by hiding in the trees. I wondered if the dumb asses would fall for my plan.

I gradually slowed, stepping up to the black tarmac and sticking my thumb out as the bright headlights came into view. I tried not to imagine what was going through their minds as they pulled up to a fifteen year old girl with no luggage or even warm clothing. I didn't really care - at least getting my food would be easier.

"Where you going?" The driver demanded as I pulled the door shut.

"I don't really know..." I responded, acting the shy child. "Just take me wherever is best for you.

He eyed me in the rear view mirror, appraising my matted hair and tear-streaked face. With a shrug, he stepped on the pedal and off we went. You've got to question a guy's morals.

"So, umm... nice car." I said, leaning forward in my position in the rear middle seat. It was convenient for talking right in both those guys ears. They just nodded. Awkward.

They chattered away in the front of the car, filling the cramped space with cigarette smoke that, in my opinion, wasn't actually cigarette smoke, if you catch my drift. I leaned further forwards.

"Do you guys like Turkish Delight?" I asked brightly. I had to shout over the music.

The passenger twisted in his seat to look at me, raising an eyebrow beneath his burberry cap. He took the fag out of his mouth and blew a cloud of smoke in my face.

"Not really, no." He said, followed by raucous laughter that made my ears hurt.

I shrugged. "I do, but do you want to know what I like better?" I lowered my voice, arousing their curiousity. "Blood."

Then I lunged, grasping the non-cigarette occupied arm and forcing it to my mouth. I felt the car swerve across the road, but was too engrossed to take any notice. Damn, does drugged up blood taste good.

The End

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