Day dreaming.

‘I'm hungry,' Gabby says suddenly. I sigh and resist the urge to roll my eyes.

‘I'd suggest drinking from that guy down there,' I say, ‘but I don't think it would be much of a good idea. I took quite a lot.' I trail off, embarrassed.

‘Yes; that you did. I'll probably end up munching on Turkish Delight until the next stop.'

‘That's not really gonna help,' I mutter quietly. She ignores me and gets out her Turkish Delight box, the paper rustling as she sticks her hand in and grabs a piece. I pull my feet up on the seat, drawing my knees to my chest. I hug them for a while, resting my chin on the small valley between my knees. I find myself watching her eating, wishing I was that young again. When I was her age, I still had parents.

She glances up and catches me watching. I don't look away and I don't blush, I just smile a little, keeping my mind blank.

‘What?' she asks.

‘Nothing.' I blink and look past her, out of the window. I see her tilt her head a little out the corner of my eye. She looks confused, but goes back to her sweets with a small shrug. ‘Can I have some?' I ask after a while. She holds the paper bag out towards me without looking up.

‘Sure.' She says. I take a yellow lemon piece and thank her. I squeeze it between my fingers watching the dusty sugar fall off as its sides bulge when I put the pressure on it. I don't eat it for a while, just squishing it between my fingers, watching the jelly bend under the pressure, and spring back to its original shape. ‘You gonna eat that?' she asks eventually. I blink again and nod.

‘Yeah, sorry. Day dreaming,' I mumble and put the lemony goo in my mouth.

The End

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