What Are You Going to do with That...?

Is it bad that I wish I could've stayed on top of him for a little while longer?

I shook the thought away as I watched in horror. Alex moved too fast for me to stop him, and by the time the blood was in his mouth, it was too late; I would never be able to overpower him when he was that strong.

But I still tried.

"Alex, stop! You've got to stop this! You don't want to do it." No amount of words would phase him, and I knew that, so as he went to stick his tongue in Marco's wound, I smacked him over the head with the hilt of his own knife.

I would let him drink, but I wouldn't let him change anyone. Not again. No one deserves this.

Bad move, I guess. He dropped Marco's arm before he could suck him dry, but a wound like that needs attention. And so did I.

"Alex, I can't let you take the knife." I pulled it from his reach, holding it high in the air. He was taller than me by a couple of inches at least, but I hoped that if I jumped around and swerved him enough, I would be able to keep it away.

"Why the hell not?" He responded angrily, reaching up for the blade.

"Because I don't want you to hurt anyone else, not even for feeding." I ducked under his arm, doing a little spin and ending up behind him. He twirled, undeterred by my attempts to distract him. I hid the knife behind me, and backed up against the red metal of the bus.

"Then how am I supposed to survive?"

I thought about that for a minute, realising that I hadn't really made much sense at all. Vampires needed human blood to live, and if I denied him that, then he would be lost to me forever.

That hurt too much to think about, though I wasn't entirely sure why.

"If I give you the knife back, you have to put it straight back in your sheath and leave it there until I say otherwise, okay?"

He laughs out loud, "What, are you my mother? I'll do with my own knife whatever I bloody like." I felt a pang of anger at his words.

"Okay, fine then! I won't give you your knife back!" I realised instantly that I was acting like a stroppy teenager, and lowered my voice. "I don't want you losing any more of your humanity, Alex."

"Who said there was any to be lost?" His eyebrows were knitted in a tight line over his eyes, and stiff anger ran through his voice.

"I did." I said forcefully, tightening my grip on the knife.

He appeared stung. "Fine, whatever, just give me back my knife."

I frowned, holding the knife out in front of me. As his eyes fixed on the blade, I spoke. "You have to promise me first." His blue eyes snapped up to my face, studying my expression to see how serious I was. Apparently, I was serious, and he held his hands up in irritable defeat.

"Jesus, fine!" I handed the knife over reluctantly. It hadn't slipped my mind that he'd avoided promising.

"You know this sucks, right!?" I couldn't help shouting as soon as the blade left my hand. He started, but slipped it into it's sheath, pulling the sleeve of his hoodie over it nevertheless.

I decided it would e best to shut up, then. My nasty habit of blurting out my thoughts without stopping to wonder if that was a good idea or not was getting in my way. With one last glance at Marco lying in the grass, I re-embarked the bus.

The End

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