Get off me, Gabby.


Gabby throws me off the guy and we fall into the grassy verge on the road. The long grass tickles my face, but I'm detached from the sensation, and all I know is I'm holding the shiny knife pointed at Gabby, who is holding me down in almost the same position I was holding down the guy with the knives.

‘Get off.' I snarl. ‘Get off me right now.' I can see Marco picking himself up and I know my face contorts.

‘No! You have to stop this, Alex!' she cries. Seeing Marco get up makes me really quite angry and though I'm supposed to be the full vampire here, Gabby is somehow able to keep me pinned down. Guess I'm pretty hungry, huh? I swear at her and try to catch her skin with the knife, but she grabs my arm, restraining me. I curse again and let myself go limp. I drop the knife at our sides and glare up at the sky. She looks down at our position and then into my eyes.  ‘Hello!' she chirps. I look up at her smiling and it doesn't look like she's copped my own somewhat stormier expression.

‘Get off me, please, Gabby.' I say, trying to keep the desire to punch her out of my voice. She rolls off me and lies beside me in the grass looking up at the sky. I stay there for a few more seconds before pushing myself up. I ignore her watching me as I slowly stand, not making any sudden moves - I don't want to alarm her or anything. But once I've set myself to do something, I will bloody do it. And I am going to get that guy. At the very least drink from him. While Gabby relaxes a little, I tense and launch myself at the guy, who was just looking for his knife.

‘It's just over there,' I inform him as I throw him to the ground again. I stand over him for a moment, my foot in the middle of his chest, my blood red eyes hungry and infuriated. He struggles and I hear Gabby shouting behind me. ‘Shut up, Gabby.' I say quietly, crouching down and kneeling on the guy's stomach. He wheezes and swears at me, but I ignore that, too. I grab another of his knives and this time, I don't hesitate. The second his blood is in my mouth, I suddenly have the ability to keep Gabby from knocking me over and the guy's struggles feel like nothing.

As I drink, I do my best to keep my previous resolve in my head to make him like me, but as my strength grows and my hunger is put at bay once again, I find my resolve weakening. I blink, and suddenly I'm seeing the situation through slightly more human eyes. I scowl at him, but I don't stop drinking until he looks a little queasy. I go to stick my tongue in the wound and line it with the venom in my saliva, but Gabby whacks me over the head with the handle of my knife. I stop and pull away, turning to glower at her. I drop the guy's wrist, not particularly caring if it needs pressure to stop the bleeding and rise. I wipe the blood from my mouth as I stand with the sleeve of my hoodie and look down at the teen piercingly. I grab for my knife.

The End

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