Walking Away

A I walked away from the Bus I did not look back. I wanted to, but I stopped myself.

Everything I had known for the past few days ... weeks, possibly ... was being left behind. Everyone I had met ...

But I didn't belong there. I had things to do. I realised then that I did not know where I was. What was this place?

My heartbeat sped up and I closed my eyes, willing the patterns to slow. After a moment or two they resumed their calm circling and my skin became pale once more.

Looking around, I saw that I was in a car park somewhere. But where?

I held in my fingers a tiny green stud, something that I had been given, all those years ago. The man had pressed it into my hand without a word of explanation, saying only one thing. "It'll help you, when the time comes."

But now the time had come and I did not know what to do.

I pressed the earring through my ear, holding instead the little ladybird that I had been wearing previously. Now what?

"Jenny?" said a voice in my head. "Thank the Lord, we thought you'd never connect!"

The End

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