She Said Goodbye...And Now I'm Scared

Jenny marches over to me a couple of minutes later. She looks tired. Very tired. And...sort of older, almost. Wiser too.

"I'm sorry, Meggie, but I have to get out of here. I can't cope any more." She tells me.

"What?" I say, kind of stupidly.

"I'm going. And don't think it's because of you-it's not." She takes my cold hands in hers, "You're still my friend, Meggie, remember that."

"Jenny, you can't go!" I say to this revalation, "What are you planning to do? Abandon me?"

Jenny laughs a bit at that, "No,I'll find you again someday. I promise." Then her expression darkens, "but I really ... Sorry ..."

Then she removes her hands, leaving mine feeling much warmer, and walks to the doors that are already opening. As she reaches the steps, she turns, and, with one last sad smile, calls to me:

"Goodbye, Meggie ... I'm sorry ..."

Then leaves.

"Goodbye..." I whisper then realise how daft I look with one hand frozen in the air, and the other tightly curled around the Cross in my palm.

“May I see your necklace?” Amelia-the-wizard had asked me earlier.

“Yeah, sure,” I had said as I removed it from my neck, “I thought it kept me safe…but now…”

I look down at the shiny silver object, and feel so scared. More scared than I have ever been. If it can’t protect me from a person whose duty was supposed to be protecting me in the first place, then what use was it?

I look out the window, but only see more death and destruction, where the vampire Alex was drinking the blood of an innocent human. Ew, blood...

“It’s okay, don't watch.” Aidan says, comforting me. He has been sitting next to me all the time since I woke up. He told me that Mrs. Raisin had left and we were on our own, and even broke the news to me that Raven was gone, just as I had seen in the evil vision.

"Where's Raven?" I cry, as soon as I have thanked Amelia for her help. A new type of fear and worry is slowly spreading through myself.

Aidan puts his hands on my shoulders, "I'm sorry, Meggie; she left."

"No," I almost yell, sitting straight up. That evil woman had been right!

And now Jenny had deserted me; maybe I am friendless.

“It’s not him I’m worried about,” I reply blankly. I hide the feelings that are slowly absorbing me. 'It's your destiny,' my mother had said. Now what did she mean?


The End

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