Dinner time.

Turn this kid into a vampire? Usually I would object, but this is the perfect opportunity to show him exactly what I mean about vampirism being a steep learning curve. And now that he’s pissed me off enough and my stress levels have rocketed, I can feel the beast growling hungrily. Dinner time, I think almost the second the words are out of Konrad’s mouth. I find myself able to ignore his previous comments and all our arguing seems to fly out of the window. I barely even notice as Gabby pushes past upset. The guy is looking at me, trying not to let his fear show as my eyes snap red and I leer at him hungrily. I find my thoughts slipping out from between my teeth and I grab him by his arm, dragging him down the bus. I don’t even wait for Beth to stop and open the doors, pulling them open and hurling the guy and myself out while it’s still moving.

He shouts as I land on top of him, pinning him down so that all the fancy weapons he has become useless. With one hand, I pull the sleeve of his hoodie up out of the way, exposing his wrist and the little weapons he has attached to it. I rip them off and cut his wrist open with one of his own knives. He screams at me as I lift his arm up, putting the wound to my lips. I drink greedily, the beast grinning, me with it.

The End

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