"Make it sound so matter of fact, why don't you?" Marco sneered. "So, who are you, then? The 'great' Konrad, are you? I should have guessed. He actually 'yielded' to you. It means he thinks you're better than him. I'd capitalise on that, if I were you." Authority. That's what Marco needed; that's what Konrad had. Marco saw Basilic roll his eyes behind Konrad. Conflict. Exactly what Marco needed to get in with Konrad. "What, basilisk? Do you not rate Konrad or something?" The human, surrounded by these 'monsters' felt small, but kept to his guns. "After all, I'd like to see which of you would win."


Konrad disliked this kid, but he felt that this was how he was, when he was human. Obnoxious. Dislikable. That's when he took a shine to this kid. He'd make a good vampire. A brilliant vampire, in fact. It would help his career, Konrad was sure. And this kid... This kid could well be Elder material in the future. "Look, kid, if you're going to sit there, don't annoy the vampire. I may not like the sod, nor the problems he's created," at this, Konrad turned and shot a look down the bus towards Gabby, "but he's one of mine, and I'd have to stand by him over a human. Although, play your cards right, you may not be one for long."

The End

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