Yes, pretending.

‘I don’t allow myself to think of people as superior as blindly as you think. I yield when they are, and I put up a fight when I believe I’m in the right,’ I give him a pointed look and then continue ‘I wasn’t talking about your family, either, I was talking about you as an individual, and two years isn’t much, like I said.

‘If I’m honest with you, I don’t even know why we’re bothering to argue over this. I was about to go to sleep and then you yelled at me. It makes me kinda stressed. And stress makes me kinda hungry,’ I say in a tone that suggests to him that he would do really well to just agree with me and shut up.

‘Alex, what’s going on?’ Konrad’s voice appears above us and I look up at him, arching my eyebrow.

‘Well, I said hi, and then he stabbed me. Then Bas tried to talk to him and got brushed off. Umm. Oh, then I was just sitting here minding my own business, healing up and then he for some reason came and sat with me, even though he hates me and would rather I was dead. I was gonna go to sleep but then he kept talking and I got a little frazzled, but I haven’t done anything to him.’ I recount the last hour or so to the Elder and shrug. ‘Can I go to sleep now?’ I ask, looking between the two of them.

The End

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