"I'm not pretending, Vampire. I know the truth of this world. Look at you. Have you ever stopped and wondered if it was all true? I doubt it; you're like the rest! Sheep, blindly following the word of those you view as superior. Those you ALLOW yourself to see as superior!" he was almost beside himself trying to get this idiot to understand. 

"You've been fighting for ten years? How long has your family been fighting for what they believe? Or is it only you? My FAMILY hasn't been safe since they found out the truth, during the Renaissance. THAT measures how much we have fought, how much experience they have. I know a lot more about this world than you'd believe. And if you can't see that, then I'm not to blame for your stupidity!"


Konrad walked down the bus, to where the vampire was set next to a human. A new human. That smelled slightly different... Not normal, although, he put that down to a deviation in the humans ancestors. Most people had family that had deviated in the past, it just wasn't that pronounced. Sighing, he realised they were arguing. Why couldn't the vampires he met get along with other people?

Sighing, he continued to Alex, and, ignoring the human boy for now, asked Alex with a harsh tone in his voice;

"Alex, what's going on?" 

The End

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